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October 2000


IT Interview
Michuda Discusses Sopheon/Teltech Merger[Full Text]
In a recent interview with Andy Michuda, the new CEO of the merged entity said that the company is looking to integrate process, content, and people.
by Paula J. Hane — Page 1

IT Report from the Field
Search Engine Strategies 2000
This conference, held August 14 in San Francisco, emphasized the human factor, ways to “monetize” search sites, and efforts to improve search services.
by Chris Sherman — Page 1

Online Columns & News Launches as New Flagship Product[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 1

NewsEdge Progresses with Its E-Content Strategy[Full Text]
by Susan Funke — Page 3

CSA Acquires Aerospace Database from AIAA[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 8

CrossRef, CAS, DataStar Announce Links to Scholarly Publications[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 16

ASIS Gets an ‘ASIST’—Information Scientists Embrace Technology[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 24

Quint’s Online
Your Tax Dollars at Work[Full Text]
Barbara Quint proposes that in order to best serve its citizens, the U.S. government should require that its agencies publish all public information on the Internet. — Page 12

Database Review Reworks Free E-Book Model
Mick O’Leary reviews this e-book project, which offers public-domain classics and reference works and is committed to providing free, quality information.  — Page 20

Company Announcements
Internet Today

Internet Insights
On the Way to Information Xanadu
Péter Jacsó checks out XanEdu, Bell & Howell’s online reference service, and claims that it provides the most bang for your buck. — Page 38

Internet Announcements
Internet Publishing Today
Focus on Publishing
E-Prints Are Gaining Momentum[Full Text]
Robin Peek focuses on some highlights in the current developments of e-prints, which present a far greater challenge than simply digitizing journal text.  — Page 50

Internet Publishing Announcements

CD/DVD Today
CD/DVD Commentaries

Portable CD-ReWritable Drives
Péter Jacsó notes that mobility and portability are becoming increasingly important in carrying out our business, and offers some suggestions for lightweight CD-RW devices.  — Page 54

CD/DVD Announcements

Library Systems Today

The Systems Librarian
Technologies for Sharing Library Resources
Marshall Breeding explains how libraries can team up to provide more services without increasing budgets or staff. — Page 59

Library Systems Announcements

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