Information Today
Volume 17, Issue 9 • October 2000
Inmagic Announces New Product, System Implementation

Inmagic, Inc., a developer of knowledge management and special library software, has announced the release of BiblioTech PRO version 2.1, its Progress RDBMS (relational database management system)-based integrated library system for special libraries and corporate information centers. Inmagic has also announced that Gilead Sciences, Inc. has selected BiblioTech PRO to assist in the development of its integrated information system.

BiblioTech PRO 2.1
New features in version 2.1 build on the BiblioTech PRO system’s core functionality. Catalog/record update, index/searching (across single or multiple indices), and thesaurus builder can be enhanced with optional modules such as serials and circulation management, procurement and accounting, and Web-based searching.

 “Version 2.1 offers BiblioTech PRO clients functionality in a range of existing features,” said Lynda Moulton, Inmagic’s director of integrated library systems. “For example, user-defined fields are now available in all tables and we’ve added record-level password-controlled security. We’ve also introduced new enhancements such as a universal-global-modify utility and a user-ID-generation utility.”

New or improved features in version 2.1 include the following:

Based on Progress Software’s RDBMS database, BiblioTech PRO offers special librarians and knowledge management professionals a low-cost, powerful software package, according to the announcement. A true client/server product, BiblioTech PRO operates on a variety of servers including Windows NT, UNIX, and AS/400. On the client side, it runs on all major Windows operating systems.

Phillip Green, Inmagic’s CEO, said: “The introductions in version 2.1 are really focused on increasing BiblioTech PRO’s value as a business tool, allowing users to configure a system that meets their specific needs without extensive IT support and intervention. Progress’ continuing product improvements have also added increased stability, flexibility, and speed to this equation. The bottom line is that BiblioTech PRO is a library system that is stable, functional, and scalable in a way that no other product on the market can match.”

Gilead Sciences
Gilead Sciences, a California-based biopharmaceutical company, will use the BiblioTech PRO database to track proprietary information and a range of other publications and journals.

“BiblioTech PRO is a powerful, eas-ily maintained, and highly customizable library automation solution running on Progress Software’s industry-standard RDBMS backbone,” said Green. “Bib-lio-Tech PRO will provide Gilead with the added capacity to tackle a range of vital business needs and provide the report-ing capability to meet its regulatory obligations.”

BiblioTech PRO’s stable operating environment and highly integrated operations make it particularly suitable for libraries demanding stringent document tracking and reporting over a large document base, according to the announcement.

 “Employees are very enthusiastic about the potential of BiblioTech PRO to facilitate their work,” said Liz Perry, associate director of information resources at Gilead Sciences. “We have found the system to be user-friendly enough that people are able to answer questions right at their desktops that used to require assistance from my group. In addition, we’re bundling information into one place by providing links to company-subscribed Web sites, further simplifying the process for the end-user.”

Source: Inmagic, Inc., Woburn, MA, 800/229-8398;

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