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Volume 17, Issue 9 • October 2000
Eugene Garfield Celebrates 75 Years

ISI has announced that Eugene Garfield, founder and chairman emeritus of ISI, celebrated his 75th birthday at the company’s headquarters in Philadelphia. Over 500 ISI employees and the staff from The Scientist, a news journal for life scientists, where Garfield serves as president and editor in chief, joined him.

At the celebration, Vin Caraher, ISI’s senior vice president of sales and market development, acknowledged the many contributions Garfield has made in scientific communications and information science. In particular, Caraher talked about his significant contribution to information recovery in the publication of the first multidisciplinary citation index to the genetics literature, which led eventually to the release of the Science Citation Index in 1964. “Today,” Caraher said, “this citation index, which is available via the Web of Science, is used by more than 3.5 million researchers worldwide. The number alone serves as testimony to the international impact Dr. Garfield’s work has made in the scholarly research community.”

In addition, Garfield was presented with an advance copy of the monograph The Web of Knowledge. This festschrift produced in his honor addresses the history, theory, and practical applications of citation indexing and examines its impact on scholarly and scientific research 40 years after its inception. The editors of the monograph, Blaise Cronin, a Rudy Professor of Information Science and dean of the School of Library and Information Science of Indiana University; and Helen Barsky Atkins, ISI’s director of database development, made the presentation. The book will be released in November at the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Annual Meeting in Chicago. For more information about the festschrift, see

Garfield is currently president of ASIS&T and a member of the board of overseers at the University of Pennsylvania Library. He is also a member of many scientific and professional associations, including the Amer-ican Chemical Society and the European Association of Science Editors. Gar-field has been the recipient of many national and international awards. In 1986, the city of Philadelphia presented him with the John Scott Award, and, in 1991, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia gave him an honorary Ph.D. A list of his publications can be found at

[Editor’s Note: See Paula J. Hane’s interview with Garfield in next month’s issue.]

Source: ISI, Philadelphia, 800/336-4474, 215/386-0100;

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