Information Today
Volume 17, Issue 9 • October 2000
PrimeArray Unveils New-Series CD/DVD Servers

PrimeArray Systems, Inc. has announced the availability of new-series ServStation and Netserve caching CD/DVD-ROM servers with maximum storage capacities of over 240 discs and faster processing speeds. ServStation and Netserve will also be available with an optional CD-R reader/recorder, allowing users to record their own custom CD-ROMs.

Built on PrimeArray’s next-generation thin-server technology, Netserve and ServStation now incorporate high-speed processors, a faster system bus, greater memory expansion, and full-duplex 100-MB fast Ethernet. These new features combine to allow users to access stored images up to 400-percent faster than previous models.

Additionally, by integrating ultra-high-capacity hard-drive storage into Netserve and ServStation, PrimeArray has produced network attached storage devices capable of caching and sharing up to 248 CD-ROM images. PrimeArray’s ServStation and Net-serve servers cache and share both CD and DVD images. Hard-drive storage capacities of the Netserve and ServStation family of servers range from 30 to 248 CD-ROM images. CD/DVD content can be stored on high-capacity hard drives and shared across the network.

ServStation’s standard configuration features a single direct-access reader/loader. According to the company, Netserve integrates the convenience and flexibility of any combination of up to six DVD-ROM and CD-ROM drives, facilitating the rapid storage of multiple discs.

PrimeArray’s advanced thin-server processor now supports the recording of CD-ROMs across the network, allowing ServStation and Netserve models to include a CD-R option. With this option, CD images stored on the PrimeArray server’s image cache can be written to CD-R from any machine on the network.

Source: PrimeArray Systems, Inc., Woburn, MA, 800/433-5133, 781/937-3950;

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