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Volume 17, Issue 9 • October 2000
CAS Introduces CA Lexicon on STN, Teams with Aurigin, Inc.

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has announced the release of CA Lexicon on STN, a powerful thesaurus capability with unique features to guide searchers through the intricacies of scientific vocabulary. CA Lexicon on STN organizes scientific concept families, giving researchers improved recall and precision in the CA and CAplus files on STN International. CAS has also announced that it’s cooperating with Aurigin, Inc. for the release of CAS’s SciFinder 2000. This new resource will give customers an enhanced intellectual asset management capability, along with advanced exploration of chemical patents.

CA Lexicon on STN
According to the company, searchers of scientific databases wish to take full advantage of the richness of the indexing and vocabulary that makes Chemical Abstracts (CA) and other databases produced by CAS searchable with maximum effectiveness. In developing CA Lexicon, CAS will give information professionals greater efficiency by helping them apply CAS’s extensive indexing from 1967 forward to best advantage, enabling productive STN searching by showcasing concept families, and suggesting alternative terms to use in search strategies.

“A team of CAS scientists has created the CA Lexicon enhancement to enable searchers to make full use of the indexing by providing a guide through the sophistication and richness of scientific vocabulary,” said Suzan A. Brown, CAS marketing director. “CA Lexicon helps them specify and retrieve the information they need much more precisely and comprehensively.”

CA Lexicon employs intelligence that lets users apply the expertise of vocabulary experts. CAS scientists have effectively networked three vocabularies together and clarified relationships along all the terms. The major components are a Concept/General Subject vocabulary; a Taxonomic vocabulary for biological genus and species terms; and Compound classes, including the chemical substances most frequently indexed by CAS, common synonyms, relationships, and more.

CA Lexicon is scheduled for release in December.

STN International is an online information service that offers a network of more than 200 scientific and technical databases. STN is provided jointly through a North American service center, operated by CAS in Columbus, Ohio; a European service center, operated by FIZ Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe, Germany; and a Japanese service center, operated by the Japan Science and Technology Corp. in Tokyo.

SciFinder 2000, Aureka WorkBench
Available with the new SciFinder 2000 from CAS, the combined feature will enable researchers to use patent information from SciFinder in Aurigin’s Aureka WorkBench.

In SciFinder 2000 (to be released this fall), scientists can search CAS databases and retrieve patent numbers, then, using the new desktop integration feature, export the patent numbers to the Aureka WorkBench product. “Customers can quickly and conveniently augment their intellectual asset portfolios in Aureka WorkBench with the results of their SciFinder Explore tasks, with the goal of gaining decisive insight into their business opportunities, as well as those of their competitors,” said Kathleen Richman, vice president and general manager of content services for Aurigin. “It’s a great combination for both CAS’s customers and our own.”

“SciFinder provides researchers with access to the world’s largest databases of chemical literature and chemistry-related patents,” said Brown. “With SciFinder and Aurigin we are enhancing the research process with a convenient, easy-to-use, new option for no additional cost.”

Among the new capabilities planned for release with the SciFinder 2000 version in the coming months is the ability to explore research by company/organization, expanded access to full-text documents in the customer’s corporate library, citation linking, reaction searching enhancements, and a state-of-the-art data mining and visualization capability called Panorama, which provides multidimensional graphing and navigation capabilities.

Aureka WorkBench is the client interface for the Aureka Foundation Server platform. Together, they provide capabilities for searching, organizing, preserving, and managing innovation assets, enabling users to maximize the creation and extraction of value. The extensible architecture provides access to multiple analysis capabilities and diverse data sources, including public patent records and internal corporate documents.

SciFinder was created in 1995 with the intention of providing scientists with easy point-and-click access to chemical information. According to the announcement, the new intelligent research tool—a client/server product for the desktop—was an immediate hit with chemists, assisting them and other researchers worldwide with access to the CAS databases. Today, scientists at chemical and pharmaceutical companies around the world use SciFinder regularly to explore research topics, browse scientific journals, and stay up-to-date on recent scientific developments.

Aurigin Systems, Inc. enables R&D, M&A, and technology-licensing management to improve time-to-market and drive portfolio strategies. Aurigin’s Innovation Asset solutions, based on a suite of dynamic analytic tools applied to a custom database of worldwide patents, allows customers to gain insight into their innovation asset opportunities, and leverage these assets for a sustainable competitive advantage, according to the company.

Source: Chemical Abstracts Service, Columbus, OH, 614/447-3600;

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