Vol. 7, No. 2 • March/April 2000
Month by Month for HyperStudio
by Susan W. Hixson

Presents a favorable review of Month by Month for HyperStudio ($60) from Knowledge Adventure of Torrance, CA (800, 310). States that it is a cross-curricular resource for teachers working with grades 3-6, and offers lesson plans for theme-based projects that students can create using HyperStudio, a multimedia authoring tool. Requires a minimum of a 486/33 processor for Windows 3.1/95/98, and 256-color SVGA graphics; or a Mac (LCII or higher), System 7.0 and a 14-inch monitor; both systems require 8MB RAM, a 2X CD-ROM player, and HyperStudio for project use and completion. Says that the wide variety of skills included in the suggested projects will help teachers to meet required standards. Includes projects for each month of the year, original graphics, templates for HyperStudio stacks, and theme-based activities. Rated four on a scale of one to five. Includes one scorecard.
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