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January/February 2000 • Volume 7, Number 1
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DirectConnect • New Tools for Learning in a New Millennium[Full Text]
Ferdi Serim

- The Online Educator

NetTech — Shelter in the Eye of the Hurricane[Full Text]
Davina Pruitt-Mentle

Journey to Mars: Exploring Space from the Classroom[Full Text]
Stephanie Stevenson

CyberBee • FoodQuest for Health[Full Text]
Linda C. Joseph

From Teachers to Teacher: Mentors Through Staff Development[Full Text]
Karlheinz Haas

Working the Web for Education • Thinking Through Linking: Finding Education’s Name for the Web[Full Text]
Tom March

- Practical Matters

The Media Center & the Internet • Staff Development: Your Most Important Role[Full Text]
Mary Alice Anderson

Reaching Every Student: The Loudoun County Story [Full Text]
Pat Herr

Students as Technology Leaders: The New Collaborative[Abstract]
Judy Shasek

1's and 0's • Mind the Gap: The Digital Divide as the Civil Rights Issue of the New Millennium[Full Text]
Andy Carvin

The Net Works • Now That You Have a Network, How Do You Manage It? [Full Text]
Rick Hillman

- Reviews/Products Tested

The Reference Shelf • Resources for Curriculum Integration[Abstract]
Jean Reese

Product Reviews-in-Brief • Electronic Resources for Schools
compiled by Kathie Felix

Cirque Touchpads[Abstract] • Agnes Dunn and Mike Ballard
Sony MVC-FD73 Digital Mavica Camera[Abstract] • Charles Doe

Diorama Designer[Abstract] • Susan Hixson
Kid Keys 2.0[Abstract] • Susan Hixson
Science: Works and Workers[Abstract] • Michele Sands

The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures[Abstract] • Alice Kurtz
Nature: Virtual Serengeti[Abstract] • Sally Finley

Civil Rights in the United States[Abstract] • Agnes Dunn
National Geographic Online[Abstract] • Alice Kurtz

- Departments

NewsWatch[Full Text]
Kathie Felix

NetWatch[Full Text]
Kathie Felix

TitleWatch[Full Text]
Kathie Felix

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