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May 2000


IT Interview
Derwent Keeps Current[Full Text]
Derwent’s managing director Peter McKay discusses his company’s successful evolution from being one of the first companies to make its information available online to becoming the pre-eminent supplier of value-added patent information.
by Richard Poynder — Page 1

IT Report from the Field
Computers in Libraries 2000[Full Text]
The 15th annual conference and exhibition, held at the Washington (DC) Hilton and Towers, featured over 100 vendors, a number of “how-to” sessions, and more than 3,000 registered attendees.
by Shirley Duglin Kennedy — 1

IT Report from the Field
Internet Librarian International/LibTech 2000[Full Text]
At this second annual London conference, which boasted twice the attendance of last year’s show and which wasn’t dominated politically by any one country or association, there was much talk about recent industry mergers and acquisitions.
by Stephen Abram — 18

IT Report from the Field
Electronic Journals—Best Practices[Abstract]
A one-day NISO/NFAIS workshop examined a number of key issues related to electronic journals publishing.
by Priscilla Caplan — 20

Online Columns & News

Webforia and CNN Interactive Announce Strategic Alliance[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 1
Google Introduces Web Directory Using Netscape’s Open Directory Project Data[Full Text]
by Chris Sherman — Page 14
AltaVista Introduces Advanced Search Center, New Resources[Full Text]
by Chris Sherman — Page 16
RoweCom and NewsEdge Cancel Acquisition Agreement, Announce Strategic Partnership[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 24
Thomson to Acquire Dialog’s Online Business[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint & Paula J. Hane — Page 28
Fathom This: Academic and Cultural Institutions Partner to Create Interactive Knowledge Company[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 29
Elsevier Science Acquires Endeavor Information Systems[Full Text]
by Marshall Breeding — Page 34 Relaunches Site with Modern and Classic Reference Works[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 66
Thomson’s West Group Recasts and Expands Business News Service as Westnews[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 66 Announces Enterprise Portal Service, Alliances with Enterprise Information Portal Companies[Full Text]
by Rebecca Jones — Page 68

Quint’s Online
Suppose We Bought Dialog …[Abstract]
Barbara Quint wonders what would happen if a group of information industry professionals got together to improve and enhance the Dialog database. — Page 7

Online Insights
The End of Traditional Online?[Abstract]
Paul Blake discusses his own career change as well as the recent changes with some of the major players in the information industry. — Page 12

Hiring Line
Why Are Manhole Covers Round?[Abstract]
Richard Ream offers practical interview advice for information professionals, as well as several print and online sources for more information. — Page 26

Database Review
Empty Calories for the Mind[Abstract]
Mick O’Leary describes two Web sites— and The Smoking Gun—where aficionados of crime news can find everything they need to know about the darker side of life. — Page 30

Company Announcements

Internet Today

Internet Insights
Silent Partners on the Web[Abstract]
Péter Jacsó notes that the identities of many online reference sources—such as the Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia and the American Heritage Dictionary—are often unacknowledged. — Page 36

Internet Announcements
Internet Publishing Today
Focus on Publishing
Customizing the World on the Web[Full Text]
Robin Peek looks at the issues raised as we inch toward globalization and increasingly face the necessity of customization.. — Page 50

Internet Publishing Announcements

CD/DVD Today
CD/DVD Commentaries

DVD-RAM for the Rest of Us[Abstract]
Péter Jacsó tells how to get the most bang for the buck when buying DVD-RAM drives. — Page 54

CD/DVD Announcements

Library Systems Today

The Systems Librarian
The Battle for Bandwidth[Abstract]
Marshall Breeding describes how university libraries are ensuring the connectivity of Internet-based resources, especially with the advent of such bandwidth-hungry applications as Napster. — Page 60

Library Systems Announcements
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