Volume 17,  Number 5 May 2000
Current trends in book indexing This guide is a resource for professional and novice indexers alike
by Gwen M. Gregory 

Presents a very favorable review of "Beyond Book Indexing: How to Get Started in Web Indexing, Embedded Indexing, and Other Computer-Based Media" ($31.25) edited by Diane Brenner and Marilyn Rowland and published in 2000 by Information Today, Inc. of Medford, NJ, in association with the American Society of Indexers. Says that this 149-page paperback book is divided into four parts, each with a specific subject emphasis: Part one focuses on embedded indexing, which is used in the computerized publishing of traditional paper books; Part 2 moves on to Web indexing, and several chapters describe its different aspects; Part 3 highlights several special topics in computer-based indexing; and Part 4 helps the professional indexer prepare for the new world of electronic indexing. Recommends "Beyond Book Indexing" for experienced indexers who want to keep up with current trends or find work in new areas of indexing. Contains a product source guide.
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