Information Today
Volume 17,  Number 5 • May 2000
NCompass Labs Launches Resolution 3.0

NCompass Labs, a leading provider of Web content-management solutions, has announced the launch of NCompass Resolution 3.0, an out-of-the-box, Microsoft-centric, Web content-management solution that integrates site design, content authoring, publishing, and site management. Resolution 3.0 extends the capabilities of version 2.1 to speed deployment and simplify distributed content management for worldwide e-business applications.

Resolution 3.0 is designed to integrate seamlessly with an organization’s existing infrastructure and allow content owners to be fully engaged in Web and e-business initiatives. Its new Web Client eliminates the installation and maintenance of desktop authoring software while allowing nontechnical authors to use their browser interface and common desktop applications, such as Microsoft Word, to create Web content. Support for all of the world’s major languages and time zone synchronization permits authors around the world to easily contribute up-to-date content regardless of their geographic location. The Resolution 3.0 Publishing API allows ready customization of the authoring interface and supports personalized, on-the-fly delivery of audience-appropriate content. New page version archiving and audit trail features permit rapid review of all site changes.

“Resolution 3.0 is optimal for dynamic Web sites that frequently update content for employees, partners, vendors, or customers,” said Gerri Sinclair, CEO of NCompass Labs. “Companies are requiring that information be disseminated globally via the Web to eliminate the time-to-market bottlenecks that can plague e-business projects. Resolution allows these e-companies to quickly and cost-effectively deliver products and services and facilitate critical communications. It puts the power of content creation and publishing in the hands of the authors, while keeping site design, usability, and integration under the control of Web specialists.”

Tom Augustine, corporate Web director for Sterling Commerce, said: “Our intranet is accessed by 2,300 employees worldwide. After reviewing many Web content-management solutions, we chose NCompass Resolution to empower users throughout the organization to create and disseminate their own information. Previously, all postings went through our overloaded Web team. The Web Client of version 3.0 will allow us to distribute authoring to all divisions without installing and maintaining clients. Resolution is truly an open system, and the API will provide excellent tools for expanding Web site functionality.”

Resolution’s Web Client allows nontechnical authors to create media-rich Web pages from within their browsers by dragging and dropping formatted text from common desktop applications and then inserting images, video files, and hyperlinks into the pages. All authoring is done using a simple WYSIWYG page-creation model that includes content scheduling, integrated work flow, page previewing within the context of the entire site, and support for working on the Windows, Macintosh, and Solaris operating systems.

Resolution’s Publishing API and a content-component architecture together permit the personalized, on-the-fly delivery of content to audiences with different interests and language requirements. Content also can be re-purposed throughout the site, across multiple sites, and in other e-business applications.

Source: NCompass Labs, Campbell, CA, 888/304-2222, 408/558-9300;

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