Volume 17,  Number 5 • May 2000
The end of traditional online? — Recent major changes in the U.K. indicate a major industry shake-up
by Paul Blake

ONLINE INSIGHTS column relates that it is the author's last column for "Information Today" in his current role overseeing the publication of its European counterpart," Information World Review." Adds that he will be running the editorial operation of the U.K. version of Internet.com. States that while it does appear to be a time for fresh Internet start-ups, the traditional information industry appears to be entering a turbulent and uncertain phase. Observes that for many types of information, prices are heading downward very quickly, and falling revenues will force publishers to wonder why they are bothering to sell their information through third parties in the first place. Points out that the old, strong leading-edge Dialog is gone forever - not because of any management mistakes - but because the market has changed.
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