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Volume 17,  Number 5 • May 2000
CD ROM, Inc., CarSch Management Services Offer Free CD-R/RW Recording Software

CD ROM, Inc. and CarSch Management Services, Inc. have announced the availability of free CD-R/RW recording software. The software product, OpenDisc Enable Software (ESW), is immediately available via free download from

OpenDisc ESW is a true 32-bit pre-mastering software program for Windows 95 and 98 that permits recording functions on CD-R and CD-RW discs, utilizing either ISO 9660 formatting or the UDF (Universal Disc Format) recording process. The software also works as-is in Windows 2000.

The announcement is the latest joint effort between CD ROM, Inc. and CarSch. The companies previously announced an exclusive agreement for the sales and distribution of the CRIX3 CD/DVD compression software product. CRIX3 enables users to increase a disc’s storage capability by 2x, 3x, or more depending on file type and makeup, providing real-time access to compressed information.

“OpenDisc ESW provides all the essential features for average users who want to distribute data, record audio CDs, and use CDs like big floppy discs, but with an extremely simple user interface. We believe consumers should not be burdened with cumbersome, expensive applications just to have basic functionality,” said Chuck Schmidt, CEO of CarSch.

ESW provides support for many popular CD-Recorders with an upgrade path to many other model offerings. Key features include pre-mastering in ISO 9660 format for mainstream CD-R publishing, the recording of CD-DA Red Book audio discs for music buffs, support for UDF formatting, and error check and defragmentation utilities.

CarSch will provide support and develop specialized features for future versions of ESW, which will be available for minimal upgrade pricing, according to the announcement. The two firms are preparing the ESW source for distribution on the open market similar to what has been done with the Linux operating system. Support for NT and specific add-on functionality is planned for the third quarter of this year. “Our approach is ‘a la carte’—users can purchase only what they need and when they need it. Why pay for features you don’t require or have no intention of ever using?” said Roger Hutchison, president and CEO of CD ROM, Inc.

Schmidt said: “Free recording software is truly an idea whose time has come. While there will always be a market for specialized software functionality, an industry goal has been to make CD recording as transparent as writing to a floppy. After all, when’s the last time you paid for floppy-writing software?”

According to the announcement, CD ROM, Inc. ( is the oldest privately held CD-ROM company in the industry. It develops unique and leading-edge CD-ROM and DVD technologies and is the holder of several patented products.

CarSch Management Services, Inc. ( is a technology systems integrator, information services provider, and management consulting firm. It provides a range of strategic and tactical consulting services with particular focus in data storage and distribution channel sales strategies. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Source: CarSch Management Services, Inc., Boulder, CO, 303/939-8500;

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