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September 2001
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by Kathie Felix, News/Reviews Editor 
TitleWatch lists recently released educational software products that relate to the K-12 curriculum. This list is primarily but not exclusively comprised of CD-ROM products; other formats (diskettes, videodiscs) are noted in the text. Suggestions for entries and press releases should be addressed to Kathie Felix at 5746 Union Mill Rd., PMB 605, Clifton, VA 20124 or to kfelix@infotoday.com.

(All titles are CD-ROM unless otherwise noted.)


ClassWorks Gold for High Schools helps prepare students to pass high school proficiency exams. The interactive language arts, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry curriculum features more than 900 activities drawn from more than 50 "teachers' favorite" software titles. The curriculum was developed from a variety of education sources, including state proficiency exams, state frameworks, national standards such as NCTM/IRA joint standards, and widely adopted textbooks. The package includes
student assessment tools. Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT. Custom pricing. Curriculum Advantage, 888/221-0802 or http://www.classworks.com/.

Employability and Work Maturity Skills provides 70 lessons designed to help middle school students, high school students, and adults develop the skills critical to maintaining employment. The program is divided into three instructional modules: Career Decision Making (21 lessons), Job-Seeking Skills (19 lessons), and Work Maturity Skills (30 lessons). Pre-testing, post-testing, and assessment tools are included. Windows. Achievement Technologies, 888/391-3245 or http://www.AchievementTech.com/.

Disney Interactive has released a slate of its learning, creativity, and games titles in the Spanish language in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Among the titles: El Rey Leon (The Lion King), Pocahontas, Winnie Puh y el Arbol De La Miel (Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree), 101 Dalmatas (101 Dalmatians), Hercules, La Sirenita (Ariel's Story Studio), and Artista Magico de Disney (Disney's Magic Artist Classic). Disney Interactive, http://www.disneyinteractive.com/.

*Language Arts

English Express Deluxe, for beginning and intermediate ESL students in grades 5 and up, is now available at a discounted price. An expanded and updated version of the original English Express, the program includes four CD-ROMs, each focused on a specific theme: Myself, My Daily Life, My Community, and The World Around Me. Power Mac/Windows 95/98 hybrid CD-ROM. The 21 topics help students learn more than 1,500 vocabulary words. Previously a custom-priced title, the software is now available for $900 for teacher editions and $2,995 for network versions. Knowledge Adventure, 800/624-2926 or http://www.KnowledgeAdventure.com/.

Reading for Meaning for grades 3-8 delivers software online designed to improve reading comprehension. The program targets skills often covered on standardized tests: main idea, interference, sequence, cause and effect, and compare and contrast. The 35 lessons include graphic organizers and authentic literature. $60—for one teacher. $200—for five teachers. $350—site license. Tom Snyder Productions, 800/342-0236 or http://www.tomsnyder.com/.

Robinson Crusoe allows students to explore Daniel Defoe's classic shipwreck adventure. The program includes 360-degree panoramic settings and interactive read-along text. The problem-solving and logical-thinking exercises include salvaging tools from the wreck, building a raft, finding water to survive, growing food, and exploring the surroundings. Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM. $20—single copy. Volume pricing available. Tivola Publishing, 212/431-4420 or http://www.tivola.com/.


Concert Tour Entrepreneur for grades 7-10 provides a business simulation designed to help students improve math and planning skills while managing a musical group. Students select a band to manage, schedule concerts, authorize merchandise, and deal with unexpected events, including rain-outs or lost costumes. Using math, data analysis, and problem-solving skills, students make marketing decisions to keep their group profitable and popular. Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM. $100—single user or 10 computers. $700—Unlimited/network license. Sunburst Technology, 800/321-7511 or http://www.sunburst.com/.


Learn About Earth Science: Astronomy helps students in grades K-2 explore the night sky and discover the sun, the planets in our solar system, and Earth's moon. Narratives explain telescopes and other tools used to explore space. The nine lessons examine achievements in space travel through our solar system, as well as deep space, stars, black holes, and constellations. Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM. $90—single user or 10 computers. $700—Unlimited/network license. Sunburst Technology, 800/321-7511 or http://www.sunburst.com/.

The Magic School Bus Discovers Flight and The Magic School Bus Whales and Dolphins help youngsters ages 6 to 10 to learn and enjoy science concepts. The Flight Activity Center explores propeller planes, kites, hot air balloons, supersonic jets, and hang gliders. The Whales and Dolphins Activity Center examines whales, dolphins, and eight sea mammals at the Whale-a-teria. Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM. $20—single copy price. Microsoft/Scholastic, http://www.microsoft.com/kids/ or http://www.scholastic.com/magicschoolbus/.


Exploring Kidspiration is a training CD-ROM designed to help educators integrate Kidspiration software and visual learning techniques into the curriculum. The step-by-step interactive tutorial provides a 1-hour training course; it can also be used as a reference tool for answers to specific questions. Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM. $25—single copy. Volume discount pricing is available for orders of 10 or more. Inspiration Software, 800/877-4292 or http://www.inspiration.com/.

Webmaster introduces students ages 10+ to Internet functions while fostering observation skills, logic, memory, and creativity. As students work to overcome an evil hacker who has taken charge of the once peaceful Dream Wide Web, they learn Internet basics, work to crack firewalls, and discover more than 40 Dream Wide Web sites. Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM. $20—single copy. Volume pricing available. Tivola Publishing, 212/431-4420 or http://www.tivola.com/.

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