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September 2001
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by Kathie Felix, News/Reviews Editor

News of the latest products and technology for K-12 may be sent directly to Kathie Felix at 5746 Union Mill Rd., PMB 605, Clifton, VA 20124 or to kfelix@infotoday.com.


Final CEO Forum Report
The CEO Forum on Education and Technology concluded its 5-year analysis of the effect of technology on education with the release of its fourth and final report, "Key Building Blocks for Student Achievement in the 21st Century." The 32-page document calls for new strategies to prepare students for the Information Age workforce, including assessment, equitable access, and accountability. The Forum's annual look at American schools indicates that students are only slowly moving toward developing the "21st Century Skills" that employers increasingly require. These skills include digital literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication, teamwork, and creation of high-quality products. Based in Washington, DC, the CEO Forum is a partnership of business and education leaders. The report is available online. CEO Forum, 202/585-0250 or http://www.ceoforum.org/.


Library Pro 2.2
The upgraded Library Pro, version 2.2, integrates with Chancery's school-based management systems, Win School and Mac School, and offers a variety of new features. Among these are enhanced data accuracy, reduced data entry time, and customizable applications that can synchronize (either on demand or through scheduled updates) with the Win School or Mac School databases. Student and staff demographic information is updated every time the data is synchronized. Chancery Software, 800/999-9931 or http://www.chancery.com/.


In the Newsroom
From September 15-October 15, CNN Newsroom airs Hispanic Power, a series examining the growth of the United States' Hispanic population. The program explores the growing Hispanic power base in the areas of business, politics, and the arts. A free classroom guide with lesson plans, suggested classroom activities, background materials, and links to online educational resources will be available at http://www.CNNfyi.com/newsroom/.

In September, CNN will link to the UN Special Session on Children (September 19-21) with on-air stories produced with UNICEF from CNN Student Bureau sites in Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Lebanon, and Nigeria. CNNfyi.com will provide additional background, educational materials, and video clips. The UN Special Session, a follow-up to the 1990 World Summit for Children, will bring together government leaders and heads of state, children's advocates, and young people in an effort to change the way the world views and treats children.

CNN Newsroom is broadcast weekdays at 4:30 a.m., Eastern Time, on CNN.


Inspired Educators
Inspiration Software has awarded $500 Inspired Teacher Scholarships for Visual Learning to 20 educators who champion visual learning and the integration of technology into the classroom: Laura L. Bentler, Gayle Berthiaume, Sigrid Kim Bomba, Betty K. Brackin, Vicki L. Coats, Jill D. Esquivel, Tammie Guidry, Peggy Harrington, Julie Ladzinski, Elizabeth Langer, Donna LeBretton, Gail A. Lindquist, Joyce Meador, Joann Newberry, Deedy Payne, Lea Sevigny, Tom Stahley, Jan Swisher, Donna Taylor, and Lee Ann Wall. The scholarships reimburse educators for costs associated with attendance at a workshop, graduate level course, or conference that focuses on visual learning and technology in education. Inspiration Software, 800/877-4292 or http://www.inspiration.com/.


The new Compaq Evo product line includes two notebook computers. The Evo Notebook N400c, with prices starting at $2,299, weighs 3.5 pounds and is less than an inch thick. Features include a low voltage Intel Pentium III 700 MHz processor, 12.1-inch TFT XGA screen, 20 GB hard drive, 128 MB memory, full size keyboard, dual battery support, a full set of system ports, optional Mobile Expansion Unit (MEU) that provides for floppy, CD, DVD, or CD-RW support, and compatibility with all Evo common options and docking solutions, as well as existing Armada E and M series options. The Evo Notebook N150 starts at $1,449 and features Intel Mobile Pentium III or Celeron processors, a 14.1-inch TFT display, a 10 or 15 GB hard drive, built-in modem/network interface, the option of either CD, DVD, or CD-RW optical drives, and weighs less than 6 pounds. Compaq, http://www.compaq.com/.

Digital Barbie
The first Barbie children's learning computers for girls ages 5 and up have been released. The Barbie B-Book is available as a children's laptop computer and as a portable pocket-sized, hand-held device. The learning laptop features Barbie's voice and animated images to interact and guide girls through more than 50 activities including spelling, grammar, vocabulary, math, logic, memory, computer skills, and games. Designed in Barbie's signature pink and purple colors, the computer has dual processors with built-in read only and random access memory chips, high-quality digital sound, a large LCD screen, and an expansion SmartCard port for added activities and games. A mousepad and mouse are included. The suggested retail price is $60. The Barbie B-Book On the Go, a portable pocket-sized handheld device, includes 25 activities and can be expanded with optional SmartCards. The suggested retail price is $40. Oregon Scientific, 800/853-8883 or http://www.oregonscientific.com/.

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