From Consumer to Producer:
Creating GEM records with the GEMCat tool

By Nancy Barkhouse, Teacher, Atlantic View Elementary, Lawrenceville, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Here's an illustration of the step-by-step process of creating GEM records via the GEMCat tool.
The opening screen looks like this:

All red items must be completed. To begin, click in a box and a new screen appears. Click beside Title to get:

Click in the text box, type in your information, and then click Enter.
Topics may be done in any order. Here's an example for "GEM Subject":

Use Keywords to enter data not included in the subject selections:

Here, we've filled out the required Description field:

Here ... the Resource Type field:

... and here we provide Grade Levels information:

And this is how the final four required categories appear:
Rights Management:


Cataloging Agency:

And Online Provider:

When you've completed all topics, the main screen will look like this:

You can now view the metadata that GEMCat creates for you:

The final step is to include the metadata in your Web page. If you use Front Page,
open the page using that software and click on HTML at the bottom of the screen.
At the top of the screen, you'll see something like this:

Make space between the <meta name> and <title> tags. This is where you will insert your
GEMCat-created metadata. Copy and paste it in the space you created. It should look something like this:

Save your revised page and repost. That's it!

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