Vol. 7, No. 3 • May 2000
GeoSafari Talking Globe
by Charles Doe

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a favorable review of the GeoSafari Talking Globe ($99) from Educational Insights of Columbia, TN (800, 310). Describes the product as a 12-inch globe with enough memory in the base to store more than 10,000 questions. Says that the globe uses advanced digital speech technology to "ask" questions and provide answers. Relates that the electronics in the base turn the globe into an electronic quiz game for up to four players, and the questions cover topics from the location of continents and countries, to the identification of latitudes and longitudes. Highly recommends it for small group or individual work to reinforce geography study in an upper elementary or middle school classroom, and for supplemental, rather than primary, instruction. Includes one photo and a scorecard.
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