Vol. 7, No. 3 • May 2000
eMINTS--21st century Lewis & Clark
by Bill Giddings

Focuses on the enhancing Missouri's Integrated Networked Teaching Strategies (eMINTS) program, comparing it to the exploration in Missouri by Lewis and Clark in the 19th century. Calls this program another exploration going on in Missouri today, a venture that is challenging some long-standing methods and traditional mores. Says that this program is based in a proof-of concept pilot project in six St.Louis County school districts. Adds that the pilot project was the launching point for eMINTS, a project designed to provide classroom teachers with continuing extensive training on using technology as a learning tool for students. Explains the details of the project, including how many, what grade, where, funding, training, purchasing, kickoff, and fundamentals. Notes that teachers in the pilot program said that their roles changed from lecturer to mentor and facilitator.
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