Vol. 7, No. 3 • May 2000
School-wide, multi-disciplinary portfolios — The Capstone project is not a bells-and-whistles portfolio, but it is manageable, solid, and integrated
by Mary Alice Anderson

THE MEDIA CENTER column focuses on the middle-level Minnesota State graduation standard, a concept titled "Resource Management" which states that "a student shall use appropriate technology to access, evaluate, and organize information..." Relates that with a high degree of information technology integrated throughout the curriculum in the 1,000-student middle school, the challenge was to build on existing curricular strengths using available resources, and not to teach the standard in isolation. Describes the plan that was put in place, beginning with a decision to implement the resource management standard in a cross-curricular and cross-grade level manner. States that the major benefits of the Capstone project are equity and consistency, as all students receive the same instruction and have the same opportunities. Includes a table, a sidebar, a screen display, and a list of references.
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