Vol. 7, No. 3 • May 2000
Lionel Trains Presents: Trans-Con!
by Alice Kurtz

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a mixed review of Lionel Trains Presents: Trans-Con! ($30) from Knowledge Adventure of Torrance, CA (800). Also available is a Centennial edition ($40) that is packaged in an embossed tin and accompanied by a poster-size map of the Transcontinental Railroad route with a Lionel Collectors' Edition Western & Atlantic General train model. Describes the software as an animated historical simulation that follows the adventures of two characters as they help build the Transcontinental Railroad. Requires Windows 95/98, a minimum of 90MHz Pentium, 50MB hard drive space, 16MB RAM, SVGA, 256 color graphics, 4X CD-ROM, and mouse. Warns that the historical content is secondary to the simulation and the portrait of native Americans is not balanced. Recommends using it as an optional center in the study of the growth of the American West. Contains a screen display and a scorecard.
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