Vol. 7, No. 3 • May 2000
I Spy Junior
by Sandy Scroggs

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a favorable review of I Spy Junior ($30) from Scholastic Inc. of New York, NY (800). Describes the software as presenting picture riddles for children ages 3-5 that allow them to practice language arts, thinking skills, problem solving, creativity, early reading, and math skills as they have fun searching for objects that match a series of picture puzzles. Requires a minimum of a 486DX 66MHz computer, sound card, and Windows 95/98; and a 75MHz processor and System 7.5 for Macintosh. Both systems require 16MB RAM, 10MB hard disk space, 640x480 display, 4X CD-ROM, and optional printer. Also mentions a related product, I Spy Spooky Mansion ($NA) for ages 6-10, best for use at home. Highly recommends I Spy Junior for pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms. Includes one screen display and a scorecard.
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