Vol. 7, No. 1 • Jan/Feb 2000
The Clue Finders 5th Grade Adventures
by Alice Kurtz

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a mixed review of The Clue Finders 5th Grade Adventures ($30) from The Learning Company of Fremont, CA (510). Describes it as one of a series of CD-ROMs that offers 3rd through 6th grade students an adventure in which they can practice a variety of grade-level subject skills while trying to solve a mystery. Says it is a Windows/Mac hybrid CD-ROM two-disc set. Requires either a Pentium processor, Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, and a Windows-compatible digitized sound card or a Macintosh Power PC, 180MHz, and System 7.1 or later; both versions require 22MB free hard drive space, 16MB RAM, a 4X CD-ROM drive, 256-color display, speakers, and a mouse. Says that some of the challenges are quite difficult, for example, the spelling words do not focus on high-frequency words that 5th grade students use in their writing. Thinks that the best use is in the home. Rated three out of five. Includes one screen display and a scorecard.
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