Vol. 7, No. 1 • Jan/Feb 2000
Science: Works and Workers
by Michele Sands

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a favorable review of Science: Works and Wonders ($49.95) from Curriculum Associates, Inc. of North Billerica, MA (800). Requires a minimum of Microsoft Windows 3.1 or 95, a 486/60MHz processor, and a SoundBlaster compatible sound card; or for Macintosh, a LC520, and System 7.0. Both require a minimum of a 4.5MB hard disk, 5MB RAM, a 256-color monitor, and a 2X CD-ROM drive. Says that a printer is recommended. Explains that it is an interactive presentation of several basic theories and careers in science and technology for emergent readers. Reports that although the publisher recommends it for grades K-3, some of the 2nd graders lost interest quickly. Calls it a good science program for beginning readers, with animation that is brief and purposeful and focused directly on the lesson at hand, as are the activity games. Rates it four on a scale of one to five. Includes one screen display and a scorecard.
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