Vol. 7, No. 1 • Jan/Feb 2000
Sony MVC-FD73 Digital Mavica Camera
by Charles Doe

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a very favorable review of the Sony MVC-FD73 Digital Mavica ($599) from Sony Corp. of New York, NY (800). Says that this still camera takes color or black-and-white photos on a removable 3.5-inch, 2HD floppy disk and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Notes that the JPEG images can be read on a Macintosh unit or Windows-based PCs, using the software supplied with the camera. Adds that Mac systems must have OS System 7.5 or higher; Windows machines must have a minimum of Windows 3.1 or NT 4.0; and a floppy disk drive is required for both types of machines. Recommends it as a relatively inexpensive device to take photos for newsletters, papers, presentations, and a host of other applications that will be suggested by the ease and inexpensive operation of this camera. Rated five on a scale of one to five. Includes one photo and a scorecard.
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