Information Today
Volume 19, Issue 1 — January 2002
Information Today
Volume 19, Issue 1 — January 2002
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IT Interview
Harrington Speaks[Full Text]
Thomson Corp.'s CEO discusses recession, war, and the implications of the Tasini decision.
by Dick Kaser — Page 1

IT Feature
What's Ahead for 2002?[Full Text]
Twelve information industry movers and shakers offer their predictions for the year to come.  — Page 1

IT Report from the Field
Internet Librarian 2001[Full Text]
Pasadena, California, was the site of this fifth annual conference for librarians and information professionals.
by Paula J. Hane — Page 1

IT Report from the Field
Online Information 2001 Conference[Full Text]
This event provided an interesting mix of programs and the opportunity for participants to conduct business.
by Ana Arias Terry — Page 19

Looking Back and Forward at the World's Longest-Running Online Event[Full Text]
by Dick Kaser — Page 19

IT Report from the Field
Online, Inc.'s eContent 2001 Conference
This new event offered a program that appealed to a broad cross-section of content intermediaries.
by Gail Dykstra — Page 20

IT Feature
A Look at Delphion After 5 Years
As this company's once-free service changes to a fee-based one, what will be the outcome for both Delphion and the patent information industry?
by Richard Poynder — Page 43

BIOSIS Puts methodsBASE on TheScientificWorld[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 3

FAST Unveils Its New Version of[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 12

Eliyon Offers Business Database Built with Web Information[Full Text]
by Sheri R. Lanza — Page 16

LexisNexis Partners with DolphinSearch to Enhance Legal Portal[Full Text]
by Richard W. Wiggins — Page 41

Toxcenter Database to Replace TOXLINE on STN International/CAS; TOXLINE Morphs at NLM[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 41

QPAT Redux: Questel•Orbit Releases Version 3[Full Text]
by Nancy Lambert — Page 42
Online Columns & News

Quint’s Online
Re-Licensing: A New Publishing Reality?
Barbara Quint proposes that aggregators who clear the electronic rights for freelancers' material could act as a neutral third party by re-licensing it back to the original publishers for use on their Web sites.— Page 8

Database Review Bulletin Board Epitome
Mick O'Leary discusses how this collection of support-group bulletin boards provides a valuable online communication service.— Page 14

Legal Issues
Moral Rights for Authors and Artists[Full Text]
In light of the Tasini ruling and the all-rights contracts that authors and artists are being asked to sign, Stephanie C. Ardito wonders if the next step is to advocate the passage of moral rights legislation in the U.S. — Page 17

Company Announcements

Internet Today
Internet Insights
Jacsó's Cheers and Jeers for 2001
As he does every year at this time, Péter Jacsó lists a number of digital publishing services, some that he feels are praiseworthy—and some that aren't.— Page 24

Internet Announcements

Internet Publishing Today
Focus on Publishing
How Much Longer Will the Web Be Open?
Robin Peek examines the Patent Policy currently being debated by the World Wide Web Consortium and discusses the ramifications of allowing charges for royalties vs. royalty-free, open source development. — Page 32

Internet Publishing Announcements

Library Systems Today

The Systems Librarian
Expanding the Systems Librarian's Toolkit
Marshall Breeding gives a backgrounder on Perl and suggests that librarians who are interested in developing their technical skills might want to learn this language to gain programming experience. — Page 36

Library Systems Announcements
  • Calendar — Page 45
  • Book Review

  • The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines: A Handbook for the Serious Searcher, second edition,
    by Randolph Hock, reviewed by Gwen M. Gregory — Page 49
  • People Line — Page 55
Special Advertising Sections
  • Bookshelf — Pages 46-47
  • Classified Today — Page 56
  • Index to Advertisers
  • Information Today Directory of Services & Sources — Page 57

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