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Volume 19, Issue 1 January 2002
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The New York Times Launches Electronic Edition on NewsStand

The New York Times has announced that it is launching The New York Times Electronic Edition, an exact replica of the newspaper's New York edition that can be downloaded via the Internet to a laptop or desktop PC. NewsStand, Inc., a publishing technology provider in which The New York Times Co. has a minority equity position, will serve as the digital circulation service for the Electronic Edition. Information about subscriptions and single-copy purchases can be obtained at or

"NewsStand's technology allows us to deliver the Times anywhere in the world," said Scott Heekin-Canedy, senior vice president of circulation for The New York Times. "Readers may download an electronic copy of each day's paper to their computer, paying on a subscription or single-copy basis."

The Electronic Edition can be downloaded to computers that have high-speed Internet access and can then be read off-line. In this initial phase, the Electronic Edition is available to broadband users only. Dial-up modem accessibility will be offered soon. Once it is downloaded, the Electronic Edition is available on the user's PC for 7 days. 

Readers can download an exact replica of the paper's New York edition, which is normally not available in print outside the New York metropolitan region. Users can perform word searches and zoom in on articles or photos that are automatically resized for easy viewing. There are also several choices for navigating the Electronic Edition. Readers can browse page by page, start with a particular section, or read a complete article by clicking on a link that jumps to the continuation of the article on another page. 

The Electronic Edition offers three subscription options: a 7-day subscription for $6.70 per week, a 5-day subscription for $3.25 per week, and a Sunday-only subscription for $3.40 per week. Readers can also buy single copies via an electronic "wallet" that requires a minimum purchase of $10 to download single issues of the Electronic Edition. Use of the wallet is not limited to a specific time period; purchases of single copies can be made against it at any time. 

"NewsStand's distribution service creates a new way for the Times and its advertisers to reach wider audiences. Like our Web site (, NewsStand's Electronic Edition of the Times expands our delivery channels and allows us to provide our quality content to readers in the medium that best suits their needs," said Heekin-Canedy. 

The New York Times joins a roster of NewsStand clients, including The Harvard Business Review and The International Herald Tribune. NewsStand, Inc. enables the international publishing industry to distribute digital media in a traditional, print-style format to global audiences via the Internet. NewsStand's software applications, The NewsStand Reader, PaperPusher, and NewsStand Delivery Service, allow publishers to provide subscribers with online access to newspapers, magazines, or catalogs with the same layout, words, and advertisements that appear in the print versions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NewsStand is privately held. 

Source: The New York Times Co., New York, 212/556-1234;

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