Super Searchers Cover the WorldSuper Searchers Cover the World:
The Online Secrets of Global Business Researchers
By Mary Ellen Bates
Edited by Reva Basch
Foreword by Clare Hart, CEO, Factiva


1. AIM •
Japanese-language Web search engine.

2. AllKorea • [discontinued]
Japanese-language Web portal that includes links to news, business, entertainment, and travel sites.

3. All theWeb, All the Time •
Also known as FAST, one of the largest general Web search engines. Includes wireless-Web pages and MP3 files, as well as the more traditional "open Web" sites.

4. AltaVista •
One of the largest, general Web search engines. AltaVista also has an on-the-fly translation feature, Babelfish (see separate listing).

5. AM Best •
Web site for one of the major publishers of information on the U.S. and U.K. insurance industries. Site includes AM Best's ratings on insurance companies. Company also publishes periodicals and directories for the insurance industry.

6. Amadeus •
One of the fee-based databases available through Bureau van Dijk (see separate listing). Contains detailed financial information on 4 million European companies.

American Graduate School of International Management
See Global Gateway.

7. Archivio Collettivo Nazionale dei Periodici •
Catalog of periodicals in more than 2,300 public, academic, and corporate libraries throughout Italy. Searchable by publication title, subject, and library. Most of the search screens are available in both Italian and English.

8. Arianna •
Italian Web search engine and annotated Web directory. The search engine allows searches limited to Italian sources as well as the rest of the Web.

9. Arnold Information Technology •
Stephen Arnold, principal of Arnold Information Technology, maintains a list of international search engines, sorted by geographic region and country, at

10. Asian Business Watch •
Web search engine focusing on current news, analysis, and research pertaining to Asian business, investment, and financial markets. The site and most of the material it links to are free.

11. Asian Development Bank •
Financial institution based in the Philippines and consisting of fifty-nine member countries, with the mission of extending loans to encourage economic and social development in Asia, and to provide technical assistance and development policies. Web site includes economic, financial, and demographic reports and statistics.

12. Bancomext •
Web site for the Mexican Bank for Foreign Trade, which works to promote Mexican exporters. Information available on the site includes investment opportunities, industry trends and analysis, trade and investment statistics, and related material. Site has content in both Spanish and English.

13. Bank for International Settlements •
International organization that fosters cooperation among central banks and international financial institutions. Web site includes links to the central banks of 100 countries.

14. BankScope •
One of the fee-based databases available through Bureau van Dijk (see separate listing). Contains financial information on 11,000 banks around the world. Also includes the full text of articles and credit ratings information on the banks included in the database.

15. Beverage Marketing Corp. •
Market research company focusing on the beverage industry. Reports can be purchased directly through the company's Web site, or through commercial online services such as Dialog.

16. BlockDATA •
Database targeted to the investment and financial industry. BlockDATA tracks the trading activities of brokers and trading firms. Reports can be ordered on an as-needed basis by calling AutEX, the database producer, or by subscribing to the service.

17. Bloomberg •
A company specializing in real-time financial and investment information. Bloomberg's primary service-Bloomberg Professional-delivers news on world markets, financial data, and third-party analysis. Prices start at US$1250/month.

18. Brint •
Business- and technology-oriented Web portal. This site focuses on e-commerce and knowledge management issues, and also has links to general business resources such as company directories, associations, news services, and related information.

19. Bureau van Dijk •
Bureau van Dijk-Electronic Publishing is a leading source of online business information in Europe. Its databases focus on financial information and public and private company profiles. See separate listings for Amadeus, BankScope, and Global Researcher. Pricing options include flat-fee and prepayment of "credits" toward usage of individual modules.

20. Business Information Service •
Fee-based research service at the International Business Information Centre at Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management. The Web site includes pricing information and sample research projects.

21. Business Information Sources on the Internet •
A selective guide to business-related search engines and guides, directories, sources for company and financial information, news sites and discussion forums on the Web, with an emphasis on U.K.-related sources.

22. Business Reference Suite •
This collection of databases, produced by Responsive Database Services and published by the Gale Group, includes the full text of articles from the Business & Industry, Business & Management Practices, and TableBase databases. Subscriptions start at US$9000, and are based on the number of simultaneous users.

23. CCPIT •
The site for the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the China Chamber of International Commerce includes information on agencies that promote and facilitate trade with China, a guide to doing business in China, demographic and statistical information, and related information.

24. Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy •
This organization collects statistics and data on all aspects of the economy of India. Subscriptions to the print and electronic products are based on the number of users and the format of the product purchased.

25. Cerved •
Database of Italian company information and public records. Content is primarily in Italian; search interface is in Italian and English. Cost ranges from €.72 to €76.95.

China Chamber of International Commerce

26. CIA World Factbook •
This annual publication provides two-page profiles of each of the world's countries, with basic information on the geography, demographics, government, economy, and infrastructure of the country. The information is available at no charge through the Web site; hard copy can be purchased for US$83.

*** NEW *** Civilitas Research •
Market research company focusing on South East Europe. Web site provides free commentary, analysis and reports as well as links to other resources.

27. •
Web portal containing information on more than 350,000 companies and thirty industries worldwide. Allows searchers to find company profiles, analyst reports, and news by company name or ticker symbol.

28. COSMOS •
Industry portal and company directory site that lists Mexican companies, organized in broad categories. Also includes a business-to-business component that facilitates connections between suppliers and manufacturers/retailers.

29. Country Library •
A portal containing information on countries around the world, built and maintained by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. Each country's page includes information from the National Trade Data Bank (see separate listing) and links to other Web resources.

30. Datamonitor •
Global market research firm. Its research reports can be purchased via the Web site or through commercial online services such as Dialog.

31. DataStar •
One of the major commercial online services. It has a stronger European focus than some of its competitors, particularly in the area of company directories. Subscription costs vary; there is an annual subscription fee of SFr. 80.00 in Europe, no annual fee in the rest of the world; transaction-based pricing.

32. Delphes
French database containing abstracts of articles on European markets, products, and companies. Available through commercial online services such as Dialog and DataStar.

33. Dialog •
One of the major commercial online services. Wide variety of databases. Subscription costs vary; there is a one-time sign-up fee of US$295 for U.S. customers, an annual subscription fee of US$72 to US$144, plus a US$75/month minimum charge; transaction-based pricing and flat-fee accounts are available. Dialog also offers Open Access, which lets non-subscribers use the service and pay by credit card.

34. •
Web-based English-language word look-up service that includes English translations for common words in a number of languages.

35. Dow Jones Interactive
See Factiva.

36. Dun & Bradstreet •
D&B collects financial and credit-related information on companies around the world, and produces online databases and print directories. Some infor-mation is available through its Web site at no charge, other information can be purchased at the site. D&B financial databases are also searchable on commercial online services such as Dialog, Dow Jones Interactive, and LexisNexis.

37. EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) •
Online information product developed by the publisher of the Economist magazine. EIU records include analysis and forecasts of the political, economic, and business environment in more than 180 countries. Includes Country Risk Service, which provides five-year political, policy, and eco-nomic forecasts for individual countries. The database is available through commercial online services and directly from the publisher.

38. EL Net •
Fee-based Japanese-language database of newspaper and journal articles.

39. ELDIS •
Web-based database supported by the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. Includes links to research documents, organizations, and Web sites pertaining to international development, social policy, and the environment.

40. eMarketer •
Market research firm specializing in trends and analysis of the Internet, online demographics, and e-business. Offer free email newsletters and some free reports on Web site; most reports must be purchased.

Emory University
See Key International Resources.

41. Ernst & Young International •
International portal site maintained by the consulting firm Ernst & Young. Separate pages for individual countries include links to the full text of detailed reports prepared by E&Y.

42. Euromonitor •
Global market research company that sells some of its reports on the commercial online services, on market research portal sites, and through its own site. Searchers can purchase individual sections or entire reports. Also publishes print yearbooks of statistical information. See, for example, the separate listings for Consumer Europe, Consumer International, International Marketing Data and Statistics, and European Marketing Data and Statistics in the "Books, Periodicals, Email Newsletters and Discussion Groups" section.

43. Europages •
A Web-based directory of 500,000 European companies. Can be searched by company name or browsed by industry. Listings are basic-company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and line of business.

44. European Central Bank •
Web site for the European Central Bank, which was established in conjunction with the EU's Monetary Union and the introduction of the euro. The site includes ECB publications and reports, and access to ECB financial databases.

45. European Union •
The main Web site for the European Union, including information on various EU organizations, EU documents, treaties, legislation, and related material. Some publications are available at no charge; others require subscriptions or are pay-per-view. Generally viewed as a good information source, but difficult to use. See also separate listing for the Eurostat database.

46. Eurostat •
Web site developed and maintained by the European Union's Statistical Office. Includes statistical surveys, key economic indicators, and material from EU periodicals. Some material is available at no charge, other information is fee-based.

47. Excite •
One of the large general Web search engines. Includes ability to search news photographs, news wire stories and a subject directory. Also offers extensive personalization features.

48. Factiva •
A joint venture of Dow Jones and Reuters, Factiva produces (formerly Dow Jones Interactive and Reuters Business Briefing) as well as enterprise integration tools.

See All the Web, All the Time.

49. FedStats •
This U.S. federal government portal site provides links to statistics generated by the federal government as well as to federal agencies with programs dedicated to gathering and disseminating statistics.

50. FIS Online •
Publisher's site for the Moody's Manuals, directories with detailed information on companies, municipal utilities, and related organizations. (See also separate listing for Subscription cost is based on the resources subscribed to and the number of users.

51. Forrester Research •
Consulting firm that produces market research reports and provides consulting services. Some of its reports and briefings are available for free to registered users; other material is available on a subscription basis.

52. •
Site developed by the Financial Times of London that provides access to the full text and abstracts of articles from a wide variety of sources. Unlike the major professional online services, there is no charge to view the articles.

53. Gartner Group •
Consulting firm that produces market research reports. Particularly strong in the information technology and communications industries. Executive summaries and briefing papers are available on the company's Web site.

54. Global Access • [no longer available through Primark]
Subscription-based database of financial information produced by Primark. This is an aggregation of information from twelve sources, including U.S.
SEC filings, investment analyst reports, and articles. The focus is primarily U.S., although there is some non-U.S. coverage.

55. Global Gateway •
Web site built and maintained by the International Business Information Centre of Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management. It includes annotated links to sources for news, world business information, country background reports, and so on.

56. Global Market Information Database •
Subscription-based Web site combining several Euromonitor products, including World Marketing Data & Statistics, World Marketing Forecasts, and Brands & Their Companies. See also separate listing for Euromonitor.

57. Global Researcher •
Database produced by Bureau van Dijk (see separate listing), that contains standardized company financial information for 25,000 publicly traded companies around the world. (A subset of this database, Global Researcher-SEC, includes just U.S. companies.)

58. Goo •
Search engine and directory of Japanese sources, along with news wire stories and a shopping channel. The user interface is in Japanese.

59. Google •
One of the largest Web search engines. Ranking of results is based on analysis of links to the individual sites retrieved by the search, as well as on the location and frequency of the search terms.

60. Government Information on the Internet •
Web site developed by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. Provides links to national governments and agencies, multinational organizations, and nongovernmental organizations, as well as to compilations of treaties and other legal documents, statistical publications, and news sources.

61. Governments on the WWW •
Web-based directory of government sites and political organizations, sorted by country. Also includes sources such as CIA World Factbook, encyclopedias, and tourist guides.

62. HealthSTAR • [discoutinued]
HealthSTAR was shut down December 2000 and the materials have been migrated to other National Library of Medicine sources. See for more information.

63. Hong Kong Exchange •
Web site for the Hong Kong stock exchange. Includes text of financial filings and press releases of listed companies as well as links to other investment-related sites.

64. Hoover's •
A source for public and private company profiles and industry overviews. Its strength is in U.S. and large multinational companies, but it is expanding coverage outside the U.S., with country-specific sites for the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Basic company information is available for free. Individual and business subscriptions are available starting at US$200/year.

65. IMPI •
Web site of the Mexican Institute for Industrial Property, which focuses on protecting intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents, and industrial property rights.

66. IMR Mall [Now rebranded as ECNext] •
Aggregator of market research reports from more than forty sources. Reports can be searched and tables of contents viewed at no charge; some reports permit purchase by chapter or page as well as in their entirety. [From the main screen, select "Market Research Reports" under the SEARCH COMMERCIAL CONTENT tab.]

67. IndustryLink •
Portal site of manufacturing and industrial companies and Web resources for vertical markets ranging from aerospace to mining and telecommunications. Also includes links to a small number of job postings, organized by industry.

68. InfoCamere •
Produced by a consortium of chambers of commerce in Italy, this Web site contains basic information on Italian companies, such as registration data, contact information, and financial data.

69. Infoimprese •
Web directory of Italian businesses, including basic registration and descriptive information on more than five million companies. Search interface and all content is in Italian.

70. InfoLatina •
Mexican database of full-text articles, statistics, government documents, directory information, and related material. Prices vary based on source and format.

71. InfoNavigator •
Japanese-language Web directory and online telephone directory, developed by NTT, the Japanese telecom company.

72. Inter-American Development Bank •
Organization focusing on economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Web site provides access to a wide variety of trade and government financial information for the twenty-six member countries.

73. International Business Resources on the WWW •
An international directory maintained by the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research, consisting of annotated links to global business resources on the Web.

74. International Federation of Stock Exchanges •
Site has a wide range of statistics of the fifty-five member stock exchanges, along with information on the various exchanges and links to related information.

75. International Monetary Fund •
Site contains reports and working papers on topics related to global financial and economic issues, as well as country-specific reports written by IMF staff. The IMF encourages countries to use international standards in reporting economic data. See the Special Data Dissemination Standard, the General Data Dissemination System, and the Data Quality Reference sites at

76. •
Developed by Oxford Analytica (see separate listing), this free site includes links to news sources and major policy organizations, organized by country and topic. Also includes links to major global statistical sources.

See Thomson Financial Securities Data.

77. IR Asia •
Web site focused on investor relations information. About 2,500 companies pay to have their investor-related information hosted on the site; it includes press releases, annual reports, analyst reports, prospectuses, stock quotes, and companies' presentations to analysts.

78. ISI Emerging Markets •
Database of full-text news, financial and economic statistics, and country and company information for emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe. Flat-fee subscriptions to this database are individually negotiated.

79. J Guide •
Web directory of Japanese information resources, developed by the Stanford University U.S.-Japan Technology Management Center. The user interface and all annotations are in English; links are often to both Japanese and English versions of Japanese sites.

80. Japan Information Network •
Extensive English-language Web site of Japanese information sources. Includes brief pages on a broad range of topics, from demographics to discussions of social changes and current trends. Also includes links to other Web resources.

81. Jupiter Communications •
Consulting firm that produces market research reports and provides consulting services. Some reports can be purchased through the Web site; others are only available to clients.

82. Key International Resources •
Web site maintained by the Goizueta Business Library at Emory University. Includes links to the international business research sites recommended by the librarians, particularly for the "Global Perspectives" course.

83. Kompass •
Global directory of about 1.5 million companies. Some information is available for free; other information is restricted to subscribers. Directory entries include brand names and detailed product classification codes as well as revenue figures and number of employees. The Kompass databases are also available through the commercial online services such as Dialog.

84. Latin American Network Information Center •
Produced by the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. This Web site is a well-organized directory of links to information sources on Latin America.

85. Latin American Newsletters •
Produced by the publisher of thirteen newsletters on Latin America, the site has current news about the region and a free weekly email update.

86. Latin World •
Web search engine that focuses on sites and sources in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

87. LatinFocus •
Focusing on Latin American economies, this site provides financial information, forecasts, analysis, and statistical data on international trade and on the economy in nine Latin American countries. Much of the information is available at no charge; some reports require payment. Prices range from US$35 to US$690.

88. LexisNexis •
One of the major commercial online services. Wide variety of databases covering business, news, and legal sources. Also allows searching of current news items on the Web. Subscription costs vary; transaction-based pricing and flat-fee accounts are available. Academic subscriptions for LexisNexis are through a somewhat limited version, called Academic Universe ( See also separate listing for

89. Lycos •
Web search engine and directory. Lycos also has country-specific versions of its site, with the user interface in the native language. See, for example, for the Italian version.

90. •
This site is an aggregator of market research reports from more than 350 publishers. You can purchase the full text of reports or, in many cases, individual sections or chapters.

91. MarkIntel •
Aggregation of market research reports, produced by Thomson Financial Services and available through commercial online services such as Dow Jones Interactive and .xls, and directly through Thomson.

92. MetaCrawler •
Web meta-search engine that executes a search across a number of Web search engines. Also offers directory of commonly searched topics.

93. MindBranch •
Web site that aggregates market research reports from a number of consulting companies. Reports can be purchased through the site.

94. Moody's •
Source for credit information, financial research, and analysis regarding corporations, banks, governments, and public debt. The Web site offers free access to basic ratings information; additional information is available to subscribers.

95. Multex •
Portal site providing access to investment analysts' reports and financial reports. Some material is free; the rest can be purchased on demand.

96. National Trade Data Bank •
Database maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce, containing Country Commercial Guides, market research reports, and Best Market reports. It also contains U.S. import and export statistics and other statistical reports. The NTDB can be searched through Stat-USA (see separate listing) or can be purchased on CD-ROM through the National Technical Information Service (

97. New York Times Online •
Web site for The New York Times newspaper. Requires free registration. Articles from the most current seven days are available at no charge; earlier articles (going back to 1996) are available for US$2.50 each, with discounts available for purchase of multiple articles.

98. •
The news and business publications portion of LexisNexis, listed separately.

99. Nikkei Net Interactive •
Japanese business news, market data, company profiles, analyst estimates, and stock information, in Japanese and English. Single-user subscription is ₯1000/month; discounts for group subscriptions.

100. Northern Light •
Hybrid of one of the largest Web search engines and an extensive collection of full-text articles, market research reports, and investment analysts' reports. Searching is free; articles cost US$2.95 each, other reports vary in cost.

101. Oanda •
Web site with currency conversion tools; historical exchange rates; and related currency, foreign exchange, and travel information.

102. OneSource •
Commercial online service that is particularly strong in financial and business information. Includes articles, statistical and financial data, and company and industry information. Subscription costs are determined by number of users and products selected.

103. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development •
The OECD is a group of thirty member countries that operates as a think tank for economic and social policy. Summaries of OECD publications, statistics, and links to other relevant resources are available on the Web site.

104. •
Portal of Web-based and licensed content providing country-specific and multilingual information for business, expatriates, and travelers.

105. Outsell •
Research and consulting company focused on the information content industry. The executive summaries of many reports are available at no charge; complete reports and briefings are available on a subscription basis.

106. •
Official Dutch government Web site, containing the full text of government documents from the various ministries as well as public organizations such as schools, libraries, and healthcare institutions. Some portions of the site are in English as well as Dutch.

107. Oxford Analytica •
Subscription-based consulting service that, among other things, provides daily news and analysis of the implications of global events for corporations, banks, international institutions, and governments. (See also separate listing for

108. Pagine Gialle •
Extensive directory of Italian companies, with both browse and search features. Listings include address, phone number, and a form to contact the company directly.

109. Perfect Information •
Online document delivery company that maintains a database of company annual reports. Includes archives going back as far as fifteen years, with coverage of European, Asian/Pacific Rim, U.S., and U.K. companies. Subscription and pay-as-you-go accounts are available.

110. PIERS •
The PIERS (Port Import Export Reporting Service) database, produced by the Journal of Commerce, covers imports and exports passing through U.S. ports. The subscription-based database can be searched through the PIERS site directly, or through commercial online services such as Dialog.

Portals to the World •
Well-organized links to collections of country-related sites -- culture, embassies, government, history, and so on -- maintained by the Library of Congress.

111. Profound •
A commercial online service, specializing in providing access to individual pages of market research reports. Prices vary; most subscribers have flat-fee or enterprise-wide accounts.

112. PROMT •
Database produced by the Gale Group, consisting of the full text and abstracts of articles from a wide variety of business, trade, and industry press sources. PROMT can be searched through commercial online services such as DataStar, Dialog, Dow Jones Interactive, and LexisNexis, as well as directly through the publisher.

113. Qualisteam Banking and Finance •
Directory with links to banking, finance, and investment resources. Users can rate the usefulness of individual sites; these scores are included in the directory.

114. Regional development banks
Separate regional entities established to provide loans and technical assistance in order to foster economic growth and reduce poverty. They include the Inter-American Development Bank (, the Asian Development Bank (, the African Development Bank Group (, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (

Research Bank Web
See Thomson Financial Securities Data.

115. Reuters Business Briefing

116. Sagemaker •
Developer of enterprise information portals. Sagemaker also licenses content from information providers and delivers breaking news directly to the desktop. Subscriptions are based on content and number of users (purchased by divine, inc. and apparently no longer in business).

117. Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale •
Italian-language library network site covering many Italian public, academic, and corporate Italian libraries. Includes a unified online catalog of the collections of the participating libraries.

118. Seymour-Cooke Food Research International •
Market research company specializing in the food industry. Reports can be purchased through the Web site, either in full or by the chapter. [Acquired by Leatherhead Food International]

119. ShareWorld •
Database produced by Thomson Financial and accessible through the Thomson Financial Web site. Includes and analyzes shareholder information for companies around the world.

120. SICE •
Web site of the Foreign Trade Information System of the Organization of American States. Contains information and documents on trade agreements and treaties within the OAS, intellectual property rights organizations, investment treaties, and related links to other Web sites. Site is in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

121. SIEM •
Web site of Mexico's National Business Information Directory. Includes statistics, news, and government agency information.

122. Singapore Exchange •
Web site for the Singapore stock exchange. Includes full text of financial filings and other information for listed companies.

123. SkyMinder •
Web-based database of full-text articles, company financial information, and company profiles. The full service requires a US$5000 deposit against which documents are charged; an abbreviated version is available on a pay-per-view basis.

124. Il Sole 24 Ore •
Italian-language newspaper focusing on financial and economic news. Includes a weekly section titled "The New Economy," which looks at technology and the Internet. Also features an online archive of articles from other sources; articles cost €1-4, €155 minimum prepayment required.

125. Standard & Poor's •
Produces a wide variety of financial and investment-related information, including company directories, financial credit rating services, commentary and analysis of markets and industries, and related information. Some information is available at no charge on the Web site. Some S&P databases are available on the commercial online services such as Dialog and LexisNexis.

126. Statistical Data Locators •
Directory of links to country-specific statistical information, particularly Web sites of government and nonprofit agencies.

127. Stat-USA •
Online resource developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce; includes international market research, trade opportunities, country profiles, and economic and financial statistics. Single-user subscriptions cost US$175; reports can also be purchased individually. See also separate listings for National Trade Data Bank and USA Trade Online.

128. Statistics Canada •
One-stop source for statistical information from the Canadian national statistical agency. Includes demographic, trade, and economic data. Some information is free, some involves a modest fee.

129. STN •
Commercial online service with an emphasis on science, technology, chemical, and patent databases. An abbreviated version is available, as well as a more powerful and complex version for experienced searchers. Prices are based on connect-time and output charges.

130. TableBase •
Database of tabular information dealing with companies, products, markets, and demographics extracted from published articles. TableBase is available directly from the publisher and on the commercial online services such as DataStar, Dialog, and .xls.

131. Teikoku Databank •
Japanese credit reporting company that produces several financial and corporate information databases on Japanese companies and executives. These files are available on commercial online services such as DataStar, Dialog, LexisNexis, Nikkei, and Profound.

132. Terra •
Spanish-language Web search engine and directory. The site focuses on sources from Spain and Latin America. [No longer active.]

133. Thomson Direct • [appears to have been discontinued]

134. Thomson Financial/Carson •
Database that provides information on ownership and market activity of publicly traded companies. Subscription price determined by number of users and the portions of the database needed.

135. Thomson Financial Securities Data •
Formerly known as Investext, this collection of investment analysts' reports can be searched through the publisher's Web site (called Research Bank Web) or through the commercial online services such as Dialog, Dow Jones Interactive, and LexisNexis.

136. Tokyo Shoko Research •
Japanese credit reporting agency that provides extensive financial and credit analyses on public and privately held companies in Japan.

137. TradStat •
Fee-based database of government trade statistics, enabling searchers to determine trade volume between any two reporting countries. Available through Dialog and DataStar.

138. Ultimate Collection of News Links • [appears to have been discoutinued]

139. United Nations (UN) •
This Web site provides access to UN documents, information on its agencies and member states, and a full-text search feature for UN materials. For the Food and Agriculture Organization, see For the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, see

140. U.S. Agency for International Development •
AID focuses on providing aid to countries recovering from disasters and battling poverty. The Web site includes links to country and regional profiles from various U.S. government sources, including the U.S. Department of State, the CIA World Factbook, and U.S. embassies. The site has write-ups of regional economic trends.

141. U.S. Chamber of Commerce •
This site includes links to country- and region-specific business councils as well as to the individual American Chambers of Commerce abroad.

142. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service •
The USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service Web site provides information on export marketing opportunities for U.S. food and agricultural products, statistics on food and agriculture markets, and related information.

143. U.S. Department of Commerce, Commercial Service •
The U.S. Commercial Service's Web site provides global listings of trade events, international market research, and tools to help with the
export process.

144. U.S. Department of Energy •
The DoE Web site has extensive information on energy, environment, and national-security issues. It also offers free subscriptions to a wide variety of email newsletters on energy-related topics. Go to the DoE's Energy Information Administration's site ( for Country Analysis Briefs-overviews on each country's environment, economy, and energy-related issues.

145. U.S. Department of State •
See especially the Country Commercial Guides, prepared by the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, and the Country Background Notes, produced by the Bureau of Public Affairs. The department's Key Officers List, which includes postal and email addresses, phone numbers and contact names for attachιs in each embassy, is at

146. U.S. International Trade Administration •
Maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce, this site offers resources to assist U.S. companies in expanding their international business. Included are import and export statistics, advice on becoming an exporter, and information on import and export regulations, forms, and tariffs.

147. U.S. International Trade Commission •
Web site of the ITC, an independent agency of the U.S. government that administers U.S. trade law and provides international trade information to the government. Site includes tariff information and reports on trends in specific industries.

148. U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission •
The SEC's EDGAR files include electronic versions of most financial reports filed with the SEC by publicly traded companies with the SEC. These can be searched at or through third-party sites such as

149. USA Data •
Aggregator of market research, demographic and advertising statistics, and business and residential directory listings. Clients can download mailing lists as well as industry analysis. Prices for reports range from US$15 to over US$1000.

150. USA Trade Online •
Database of U.S. import and export information on specific commodities, produced by Stat-USA and the U.S. Census Bureau. Includes aggregated statistics, statistics broken out by country of origin or destination, and statistics broken out by specific U.S. port. Annual subscription is US$300; monthly subscription is US$50.

151. Virgilio •
Italian Web directory similar to Yahoo! but focused on Italian information sources.

152. WebHelp •
Web site that offers assistance in finding information on the Web via a real-time chat session. The basic service is free; WebHelp Express service, which promises more prompt responses, costs US$9.99/month.

153. World Bank •
Organization that works with developing nations to improve living standards and provide loans for development. See especially the "Data" section, which includes national and regional statistics on topics ranging from education to macroeconomics and urban development.

154. World Law •
Directory of Web sites throughout the world that provide information on law-related topics. Includes official government sites, case law resources, lawyers and law firms, law libraries, and online law journals.

155. World Reporter •
Database of business news from sources around the world. Most English-language articles are in full text; non-English-language sources are abstracted. Database is available through commercial online services such as Dialog, Dow Jones Interactive, and [NOTE: the web site is down, but the World Reporter files are still being updated.]

156. WorldSkip • [appears to have been discontinued]

157. Worldwide Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances •
Database of transaction information on global merger and acquisition activities. Available through the commercial online services such as Dialog, LexisNexis, and .xls, as well as directly through Thomson Financial Services Data.

158. Xinhua News Agency • or
News releases from the Chinese government-sponsored news agency. Archive of releases is available on commercial online services such as DataStar, Dialog, Dow Jones Interactive, and LexisNexis.

159. .xls •
Produced by Alacra, Inc., this collection of business databases specializes in providing numerical information in spreadsheet format. .xls includes company directories, economic and financial data, market research, and news sources.

160. Yahoo! •
One of the first human-built directories (as distinct from search engines) of the Internet. Sites are organized by category and subcategory. Yahoo! also has country-specific sites, such as for Yahoo! Japan and for Yahoo! Mexico.

Spanish-language search engine that allows searches to be limited to specific Spanish-speaking countries-primarily Latin America and Spain. Also has annotated Web directory of Latin American sources.


162. Benn's Media. United Business Media International Ltd. •
Cost ranges from £162 to £339
Annual publication listing information on business and consumer newspaper, periodical, and reference book publishers; radio and TV stations; advertising agencies; and so on. Separate volumes for the U.K., Europe, and the world.

Email discussion list for librarians in Mexico. To subscribe, send email to BIBLIOMEX-L-REQUEST@CCR.DSI.UANL.MX with the text: subscribe bibliomex-l your_first_name your_last_name

164. Business Information Alert. Alert Publications, Inc. •
US$162/year for 10 issues
Newsletter for business researchers, featuring articles on research techniques and industry trends, product and book reviews, and information on industry conferences.

165. BUSLIB-L •
English-language business librarians' email discussion group. Very active list, with a wide variety of subscribers. To subscribe, send email to mailto:LISTSERV%20@LISTSERV.BOISESTATE.EDU, with the text • subscribe buslib-l your-first-name your-last-name

166. Charleston Advisor. The Charleston Company •
US$295-$495, depending on the subscriber's organization
Quarterly publication for library professionals. Each issue has extensive reviews of information products and services as well as articles on information management and current trends.

167. Consumer Europe. Euromonitor •
£595 for 2000/2001 edition
Reports on the market for more than 300 consumer products in sixteen European countries. Reported in both the national currency and US$, or in standard volume units (kilograms, liters, etc.). The 2000/2001 edition includes data for 1994 to 1999.

168. Consumer International. Euromonitor •
£595 for 2000/2001 edition
Reports on the market for about 300 consumer products in twenty-seven non-European countries. Reported in both the national currency and US$, or in standard volume units (kilograms, liters, etc.). The 2000/2001 edition includes data for the period from 1994 to 1999.

169. CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Research. Information Today, Inc. •
US$159/year for 10 issues; higher price outside the U.S.
Eight-page newsletter written for the experienced Internet researcher. Each issue includes a review of a Web site, comparisons of similar Web products, discussions of search techniques and tools, and brief industry announcements.

170. D&B Exporters' Encyclopaedia. Dun & Bradstreet •
US$425 for single purchase, US$570 with biweekly updates
Includes global market and export information such as shipping documentation requirements, key contacts in consulates and government offices, and trade regulations for more than 200 countries.

171. Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries. Uniworld Business Publications •
US$325 for print edition, US$975 for CD-ROM edition, which includes one update
Three-volume directory of 2,600 U.S. parent companies and their subsidiaries, affiliates, and branches doing business outside the U.S. Includes listing of parent companies and, by country, of the foreign locations.

172. EContent. Online Inc. •
Monthly magazine focused on the electronic content industry, from the perspectives of the producers, aggregators, and purchasers. Emphasis is on the digital content industry itself rather than on search techniques.

173. Encyclopedia of Global Industries, 2nd edition, 1998. Gale Group •
Includes profiles of 115 global industries, including the history, development, and current status of each. Chapters are from six to twenty pages long.

174. Europa World Year Book. Europa Publications. •
Two-volume directory, published annually. Includes listings for international organizations, and statistics and overviews of individual countries.

175. European Marketing Data and Statistics. Euromonitor International •
Twenty-two years' worth of business and marketing statistical data from forty-five European countries, published every two years. The focus is on consumer and socio-economic trends.

176. El Financiero •
Mexican newspaper focusing on business, investment, and financial news. Web site includes full-text articles from the current issue. Useful source for news on Internet resources within Mexico.

177. Find It Online: The Complete Guide to Online Research, by Alan Schlein. Facts on Demand Press, 2000.
How to find information online, emphasizing Web-based and online resources. The focus is on business and news-related sources. Also discusses how to manage information and evaluate sources.

178. Free Pint•
Web-based portal for information professionals. Site includes an electronic bulletin board (called the Bar), a daily update (the Tipple), and a lengthy electronic newsletter that comes out biweekly.

179. Global Development Finance. World Bank •
US$350 for CD-ROM edition, US$300 for print edition
Statistical data from more than 130 countries, reporting their public and publicly guaranteed debt. Includes time series and ten-year projections for external debt and financial flows.

180. Informatie Professional. Otto Cramwinkel, Publisher. •
This monthly Dutch-language periodical features background articles on trends in the Netherlands, as well as reviews of information resources.

181. The Information Advisor. Find/SVP •
Monthly newsletter that focuses on reviews and evaluations of online business information sources. (The author of this book is contributing editor of The Information Advisor.)

182. Information Today. Information Today, Inc. •
US$62.95/year for eleven issues
Monthly tabloid targeted to the information profession. Includes late-breaking industry news as well as in-depth articles, interviews, and columns on the library and information industry.

183. Information World Review. Learned Information Europe, Ltd. •
£45/year in the UK, £55/year elsewhere
Monthly magazine focusing on online information and the information profession. The focus is somewhat U.K.-centric, but also has good coverage of general issues pertaining to the industry.

184. International Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It, 2nd edition, by Ruth Pagell and Michael Halperin. Oryx Press, 1997 •
This book includes chapters on sources of information pertaining to various aspects of international business research, including both hard copy and electronic resources.

185. International Business Information on the Web • Searcher Magazine's Guide to Sites and Strategies for Global Business Research, by Sheri Lanza. CyberAge Books, 2001 •
From the publisher of Searcher Magazine, this is a ready-reference for anyone who uses the Internet for international business research. The book is supported by a companion Web page, and features tips, techniques, and an extensive directory of sites recommended by expert researchers.

186. International Financial Statistics. International Monetary Fund •
This monthly periodical, published in English, French, and Spanish, reports current financial data such as interest rates, financial liquidity, and international transactions.

187. International Marketing Data and Statistics. Euromonitor International. •
Twenty-two years' worth of business and marketing statistical data from non-European countries around the world, published every two years. The focus is on consumer and socio-economic trends. Subscription price includes annual Yearbook.

188. International Media Guides. Standard Rate & Data Service •
US$300 for one volume; US$1046 for all five volumes
This annual series consists of five volumes, arranged by geographic region and publication format, listing newspapers, magazines, and business publications from 200 countries.

189. Internet News. Tecniche Nuove •
60,000 lire
Italian-language monthly magazine on a wide variety of Internet-related topics. Aimed at general Internet users rather than the professional online researchers.

190. Market Share in Japan. Yano Research Institute •
₯50,000 for English edition, ₯100,000 for Japanese edition
Annual reference book with market size, share, and growth statistics for Japan's major industries. Available in English as well as Japanese. Note that the English edition covers fifty industries; the Japanese edition covers 300 industries.

191. Monthly Panorama of European Business. European Union •
€162 for annual subscription
Monthly publication focusing on two manufacturing or service industry sectors in the European Union each issue; also publishes monthly statistics and commentary. Each issue is about 100 pages long.

192. Online. Information Today,  Inc. •
Bimonthly magazine targeted to information professionals, covering electronic information products, the Internet, and search techniques.

193. Online Competitive Intelligence, by Helen Burwell. Facts on Demand Press, 1999.
Information on using the Web and commercial online services to find information on competitors, industries, products, and other business-related topics.

194. Political Risk Yearbook. PRS Group Inc.  •
US$1200 in print or on CD-ROM, US$1495 for online version
Available to academic institutions only, this annual publication includes information on economic and political risks to business and key economic forecasts for 100 countries.

195. Search Engine Watch •
This Web site offers a wide variety of information on how to use search engines and maximize Web sites for search engine indexing. An electronic newsletter is also available, along with access to subscriber-only areas of the Web site, for US$89/year.

196. Searcher. Information Today, Inc. •
US$72.95/year for 10 issues; higher cost outside the U.S.
Magazine targeted to professional online researchers. Includes in-depth articles on search techniques, industry trends, and evaluations of online resources.

197. Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys. Standard & Poor's. •
US$10,500/year for paper subscription; also available online, with pricing based on number of users
Extensive analysis, commentary, and statistics on fifty-two major U.S. industries. Subscription includes weekly updates; each industry is updated twice annually.

198. Super Searcher book series. CyberAge Books. •
Information Today, Inc. publishes a series of Super Searcher books, each of which is a collection of interviews with researchers in a particular area of expertise. In addition to Super Searchers Cover the World, the series includes Super Searchers Go to the Source, Super Searchers Do Business (see separate listing), Super Searchers on Mergers & Acquisitions, Super Searchers on Health & Medicine, Super Searchers in the News, Super Searchers on Wall Street, Law of the Super Searchers, and the original two Super Searcher books, Secrets of the Super Searchers and Secrets of the Super Net Searchers.

199. Super Searchers Do Business: The Online Secrets of Top Business Researchers, by Mary Ellen Bates. CyberAge Books, 1999. •
Similar in format to this book, a collection of interviews with eleven expert business researchers, primarily in the U.S.

200. What's New in Business Information. Bowker. •
Fortnightly newsletter with information on business information products and services, industry news, and reviews.


201. Babelfish •
Babelfish is a service of the search engine AltaVista (see separate listing) that translates text from a number of languages into English, and the reverse. User can translate a single word or phrase, or point Babelfish to a particular Web page for translation.

202. Copernic •
Desktop software that allows simultaneous searching of eighty search engines. Basic version is available as a free download; enhanced versions search 600 search engines and specialized sources. Cost is US$39.95
to US$79.95.

203. •
As the name implies, this Web site offers free translation from English to six other languages, and from Spanish, French, and German to English. The site also offers fee-based automatic translation products.

204. Inmagic •
Library automation and information management software used to manage online catalogs, automatically index intranet content, and manage full-text databases.

205. Power Translator •
Unfortunately, the speech and language assets of Lernout & Hauspie were purchased by ScanSoft, and they are no longer offering Power Translator.

206. Web Translator •
Unfortunately, the speech and language assets of Lernout & Hauspie were purchased by ScanSoft, and they are no longer offering Web Translator.


207. American Marketing Association •
Worldwide association of marketing professionals with active local chapters. Publishes a number of periodicals.

208. Association of Independent Information Professionals •
An international association of approximately 700 people who either own their own information businesses or are interested in the profession. The AIIP membership directory is available at

209. EBIC •
European Business Information Conference, an annual conference that focuses on the concerns of both corporate information users and information vendors.

210. eContent Expo (renamed Buying and Selling eContent) •
Two-day U.S. trade show and conference produced by Information Today, Inc., focusing on the electronic content industry.

211. Internet Librarian •
Annual conference for information professionals involved in Internet research, intranet development, and content management. Produced by Information Today, Inc., publisher of the Super Searcher series.

212. Online Information conference •
Annual conference held in London in December. One of the largest information industry conferences in terms of attendees and number of exhibits.

213. Sue Rugge
Sue Rugge was a pioneer in the independent research profession, founding her first research business, Information Unlimited, in 1971. She went on to found Information on Demand and the Information Professionals Institute. Sue wrote The Information Broker's Handbook-considered the definitive guide to the profession and now out of print-gave seminars on starting and running an information business, and provided advice, encouragement, and friendship to thousands of people. She passed away at the age of 58 in 1999.

214. Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals •
An international association of competitive intelligence professionals. Members are primarily involved in corporate competitive intelligence, although some are CI consultants.

215. Special Libraries Association •
An international association of "special librarians"-primarily those in corporations, associations, and government agencies, as distinct from public or school libraries. Primarily U.S. and Canadian membership, with some non-North American regional groups as well.

216. Web Search University •
Regional U.S. conferences designed for experienced Web researchers, produced by Information Today, Inc. Held several times a year.

[The URLs on this list were last updated March 2004.]

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