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Making Search Work
Available exclusively through Facet UK
Making Search Work
Implementing Web, Intranet and Enterprise Search
By Martin White

This important book is designed to help organizations understand, evaluate, and implement desktop, Web site, intranet, and enterprise search applications. Information guru Martin White explains search technology in clear, non-technical language and describes the benefits and issues for a range of solutions—from high-end to affordable plug-and-play software products.

In addition to providing critical guidance for anyone charged with implementing an organization’s internal search strategy, the book features a glossary, suggestions for further reading, and an annotated listing of 40 firms providing Web, intranet, and enterprise search solutions.

Coverage includes:

  • How search works
  • The search business
  • Making a business case for search
  • Evaluating and selecting a search engine
  • Optimizing search performance
  • Search usability
  • Desktop search
  • Implementing Web search
  • Implementing intranet search
  • Enterprise search
  • Multilingual search
  • Future directions for search

Whether you are an enterprise knowledge manager, information professional, Web site owner, e-commerce director, or anyone responsible for implementing your organization’s internal search strategy, this book will give you essential guidance not available from any other source.

Making Search Work tells you in no uncertain terms how to evaluate, buy, and implement enterprise search products. Use it as a handbook throughout your process to get the most value out of search.”

— Bob Boiko, author, Laughing at the CIO
and Content Management Bible

2007/192 pp/hardbound | ISBN 978-1-57387-305-5 | Regular Price (North America): $69.50 | Web Orders: $62.55
Note: The North American edition of Making Search Work is published by Information Today, Inc. in cooperation with Facet Publishing (London). To order the book outside North America visit

Listen to a free podcast featuring Martin White on Enterprise Search Tool Selection, as interviewed by Michelle Manafy of EContent Magazine.



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