Super Searcher, Author, Scribe Super Searcher, Author, Scribe:
Successful Writers Share Their Internet Research Secrets
By Loraine Page
Edited by Reva Basch
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4.’s Urban Legends Page

5.’s Web Search

6. Academy of American Poets

7. Access to Insight

8. Ackerman’s Costume Plates

9. Advanced Book Exchange

10. Advanced Imaging Magazine

11. Agent

12. AHA! Poetry Site
Jane Reichold’s AHA! Poetry Site

13. Alexey Andreyev’s Haiku Page

14. Alibris

15. All-in-One Search Page

16. AltaVista

17. Amazing Bargains


19. American Cancer Society

20. American Journalism Review

21. American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA)
ASJA how-to-join page:

22. American Wind Energy Association

23. AnyWho

24. AOL

25. Arachnophilia

26. Arts & Letters Daily

27. Ask Jeeves or

28. AskSam SurfSaver

29. Association for Cancer Online Resources

30. Association for Progressive Communicators

31. Australian Slang

32. Authors Guild

33. Barnes & Noble

34. Berinstein Research

35. Bibliofind

36. Big Zoo

37. BioMedNet

38. Blue Ear Forum

39. Bookfinders


41. Books and Writers

42. Bookwire



45. Buddha-L
To subscribe, send email to listserv@LISTSERV.LOUISVILLE.EDU
In the body of the message, enter: subscribe buddha-l

46. Buddhist Peace Fellowship

47. Budget Traveller’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports

48. Business Wire

49. CancerBACUP

Cancer Guidesee Steve Dunn’s Cancer Guide

50. CARR-L (Computer Assisted Reporting & Research)
To subscribe, email
Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message enter: subscribe CARR-L

51. Chicago Sun-Times

52. Chicago Tribune

53. China News Digest

54. Clariti

55. Cliché Finder


57. CNET

58. CNET News

59. CNN


61. Connected

62. Consumer World

63. Contentious

64. Contentville

65. Copernic 2001

66. Corbis Stock Market

67. Cordon Bleu

68. Cyndi’s List

69. Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Watch

70. DejaNews

71. Delorme

72. Dialog

73. Direct-PR

74. Discount Magazines


76. Dogpile

77. Dow Jones Interactive


79. Drugtext

80. DSL Reports

81. E-Fax

82. Electric Library

83. Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo

ELibrarysee Electric Library

84. Encarta

85. Encyclopaedia Britannica

86. Environmental Protection Agency

87. Eudora

88. Excite


90. FacsNet

91. Family Tree Magazine

92. FAQ Index

93. FASTsearch

94. Faxaway

95. Federal Bureau of Investigation

96. Federal Communications Commission

97. Find a Quotation

98. Find Articles


100. Florida Department of Corrections

101. "Freudian Send" article on

102. Frommer’s

103. Go!zilla

104. Google

105. Gopher

106. Grateful Med

107. Greg R. Notess’s Search Engine Showdown

108. Guide to Literary Agents

109. Ha’aretz Online
English edition:

110. Halfbakery


112. Hal Higdon


114. Hollywood Reporter

115. HotBot

116. Hotel Discounts

117. Hotmail

118. Illinois Department of Corrections

119. Infoplease Almanac

120. Infoselect

Infotrieve — see Medline via Infotrieve

121. Institute for Global Communications

122. InteliHealth

123. Internet Bookshop

124. Internet Movie Database

125. Internet Scout

126. Interpol Cultural Property Program

127. Intranet Journal

128. IRE-L (Investigative Reporters and Editors)
In the message body, enter: subscribe IRE-L your-name (insert your name)

129. Itools

130. iVillage


132. Jane Reichold’s AHA! Poetry Site

Jim Romenesko’s MediaNews — see MediaNews (Jim Romenesko’s)

Jim Romenesko’s Obscure Store and Reading Room — see Obscure Store and Reading Room (Jim Romenesko’s)

133. Jindagi’s Wordsmith Page

134. Joe deRouen’s The Reference Desk

135. Journalism Section of the WWW Virtual Library

136. JOURNET-L (Discussion List for Journalism Education)
In the message body, enter: subscribe journet-l

137. Journey Woman

138. Kirsch Foundation

139. KMWorld

140. Knopf Publishing

141. LaughNet (vomit jokes)

142. Leiden University

143. LexisNexis

144. Library of Congress

145. Library of Congress catalog site

146. LinkUp

147. List of Lists

148. Liszt

149. Lockergnome

150. Los Angeles Times

151. Lung Cancer Online

152. Lycos


154. Mapblast

155. MapQuest

156. Maps On Us

157. Martindale’s The Reference Desk


159. Media Central

160. MediaNews (Jim Romenesko’s)

161. Medline via Infotrieve
www3.infotrieve.comsee alsoMedscape

162. Medscape

163. Merck Manual Home Edition

164. Merriam-Webster Online

165. Michael Moore

166. Microsoft

167. Money, Meaning & Choices Institute

168. Moreover

169. National Association for Poetry Therapy

170. National Cancer Institute

171. National Clearinghouse of Plastic Surgery Statistics

172. National Institutes of Health

173. National Science Foundation

174. Net-happenings

175. NewsGuy

176. NewsPage

177. Newswise

178. New York Public Library Reference Desk

179. New York Times

180. New York Times Book Site

181. New York Times List of Links

182. New York Times Travel Section

183. Nexis

184. Nolo Press

185. Northern Light

186. NUA Internet Surveys

187. Obscure Store and Reading Room (Jim Romenesko’s)

188. Oncolink

189. Onelook

190. Onion

191. Online Book Initiative

192. Online Dictionary Net


194. Owsley Stanley

195. Padraic Cassidy’s Web Page

196. Paris Hotels by Metro Stop

197. PayPal

198. News

199. Photonica

200. Poetry and the Enneagram

201. Powell’s Books

202. ProfNet

203. ProFusion

204. Project Gutenberg

205. Publisher’s Lunch

206. Publishers Weekly

207. Publist

208. Qpass

209. Quack Watch

210. Quikbook


212. Rageboy

213. Random House Author Links

214. Random House Modern Library

215. Random House Resources

216. Rectal Foreign Bodies

217. Reference Desk
www.refdesk.comsee also Joe deRouen’s The Reference Desk and Martindale’s The Reference Desk

218. Regency Costume

219. Research Central or

220. Research Central Updates or

221. Reuters

222. Rich Remsberg

223. Ridley Pearson

224. Roller Coaster FAQ

225. Romance Writers’ List (RW-L)
To subscribe, send email to listserv@MAELSTROM.ST.JOHNS.EDU
In the body of the message, enter: subscribe rw-l

Romenesko, Jimsee MediaNews, Obscure Store and Reading Room

226. Salem, Oregon Online

Salon.comsee "Freudian Send" article on

227. Science magazine

228. Scientific American

Search Engine Showdown see Greg R. Notess’s Search Engine Showdown

229. Search Engine Watch

230. Search IQ

231. Shiki Internet Haiku Salon

232. Sinusitis Support Newsgroup

233. Slate

234. SourceNet

235. Space News

236. SPJ-L (Society for Professional Journalists List)
To subscribe, send email to listserv@LISTS.PSU.EDU
In the body of the message, enter subscribe spj-1


"Stalking Law" — see United States Department of Justice "Stalking Law"

238. Steve Dunn’s Cancer Guide

239. StrongWomen


241. Syllabus magazine


243. Tasty Bits from the Technology Front

244. Tellme

245. Literary Times

246. New Republic

247. The WELL

248. Thrive Online Health and Medical Section

249. Time magazine

250. Topica

251. Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

252. Travelite FAQ

253. Union of Concerned Scientists

254. United States Census Bureau

255. United States Department of Energy. Energy Information Administration

256. United States Department of Justice "Stalking Law"

257. University of California at Berkeley Internet Tutorial

Urban legendssee’s Urban Legends Page

258. USA Today

259. Usenet

260. Usenet Archive

261. Vermont Eugenics: A Documentary History

262. Vivisimo

263. Wall Street Journal "Personal Technology" column

264. Washington Post

265. Washington Post Travel Section

266. Washington State Government

267. WebMD

268. Web Pages That Suck


269. WhatWeb!? or

270. Wired News

Wordsmith Pagesee Jindagi’s Wordsmith Page

271. WorldCast

272. Worldwatch Institute

273. WriterL mailing list
For fees and signup information, see

274. Writer’s Digest

275. WWW Virtual Library

276. WWW Virtual Library Hyper-Index of Buddhist Studies Resources

277. Yahoo!

278. Yahoo! Groups

279. Yahoo! Maps

280. Yahoo! Start Page

281. Your Dictionary

282. Zagat

283. ZDNet News

ZDNet’s Search IQ — see Search IQ


284. Competitor Intelligence: How to Get It, How to Use It, by Leonard M. Fuld.
John Wiley & Sons, 1985; out of print. (New edition: The New Competitor Intelligence: The Complete Resource for Finding, Analyzing, and Using Information about Your Competitors. Wiley, 1994.)

285. Finding Images Online, by Paula Berinstein. Pemberton Press, 1996. Distributed by Information Today, Inc.

286. Finding Statistics Online, by Paula Berinstein. Information Today, Inc., 1998.

287. The WELL: A Story of Love, Death & Real Life in the Seminal Online Community, by Katie Hafner. Carroll & Graf, 2001.

About the Author

For author Loraine Page, the writing of this book was a perfect marriage (if there is such a thing!) of her love of reading and her knowledge of the Internet. Since childhood, Loraine has been a voracious reader of fiction and nonfiction; since the mid-eighties, she has served as editor of Link-Up, a print publication that focuses on all the wonderful things that are available online. She started with Link-Up before anyone knew about the Internet and before you could get connected at lightning speed.

Loraine works from her home office on the East End of Long Island, New York. She is surrounded by heartachingly gorgeous vistas of sea, farmland, and orchards. And she’s not too far from the incredible mansions of the Hamptons. It has been a lifelong ambition of hers to live in that region—and in the two and a half years she’s been a resident, Long Island hasn’t let her down.

From her office, spruced up with new lighting fixtures, sturdy shelving, and a meticulous paint job by supportive boyfriend Ed Herman, Loraine enjoys working on many editing and writing jobs. She takes special delight in announcing the arrival of a new book called Mamma, Si Mangia? A Florentine Son Shares His Feisty Mother’s Recipes (Bright Sky Press, Spring 2002). This is an amusing narrative cookbook she co-wrote with her neighbor; his talented wife supplied the hilarious drawings.

Writing and editing are only half the story. Loraine is a serious amateur photographer who exhibits and wins awards for her color photography, an endeavor she’s been passionate about for eleven years. Lately her focus has been seascapes and landscapes. She’s inspired almost every time she takes a drive on the lovely island she calls home.

About the Editor

Reva Basch, executive editor of the Super Searcher book series, has written four books of her own: Researching Online For Dummies (Hungry Minds, 2nd edition with Mary Ellen Bates), Secrets of the Super Net Searchers (Information Today, 1996), Secrets of the Super Searchers (Information Today, 1993), and Electronic Information Delivery: Evaluating Quality and Value(Gower, 1995). She has edited and contributed chapters, introductions, and interviews to several books about the Internet and online information retrieval. She was the subject of a profile in WIRED magazine, which called her "the ultimate intelligent agent."

Prior to starting her own business in 1986, Reva was Vice President and Director of Research at Information on Demand, a pioneering independent research company. She has designed front-end search software for major online services; written and consulted on technical, marketing, and training issues for both online services and database producers; and published extensively in information industry journals. She has keynoted at international conferences in Australia, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom, as well as North America.

Reva is a Past-President (1991­1992) of the Association of Independent Information Professionals and a member of the Special Libraries Association. She has a degree in English literature, summa cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania, and a master’s degree in Library Science from the University of California, Berkeley. She began her career as a corporate librarian, ran her own independent research business for ten years, and has been online since the mid-1970s.

Reva lives on the remote northern California coast with her husband, cats, and satellite access to the Internet.

Super Searcher, Author, Scribe Super Searcher, Author, Scribe:
Successful Writers Share Their Internet Research Secrets
By Loraine Page, Edited by Reva Basch
Order this book