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International Business, Multiculturalism, and the Internet [Full Text]
To succeed in the international business market, you need to know much more than how the dollar stacks up against the yen.  Ken Fink highlights the sites that can keep business professionals from committing deal-ending faux pas with their foreign counterparts. 
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Translations-to-Go: Software for a Changing World
lt's not just multiple-hour time zone differences that make it hard to communicate in a global economy, it's the language gaps.  Ken Fink spells out what software makes it easier to keep the lines of communication open. 
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Going Online Overseas
Jan Tudor, well-seasoned world traveler, shares her experiences using cyber cafes, kiosks, and telecom centers in Argentina and Morocco.
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Web Search Engine FAQs: Questions, Answers, and Issues [Full Text]
Gary Price offers ways to stay up to speed on search engine developments while saving all-too-precious time.  Price also provides his "top 10 things to know" about popular engines, as well as a handy comparison chart.
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Journey to the Edge: Peer-to-Peer Computing and Content Control
Excerpting from his upcoming book, The New Trajectory of the Internet, Steve Arnold looks at the emergence of multiple computer networking apps in the wake of the capsizing of Napster.
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Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
In the "Blame Game," bq looks at the troubling, sometimes deadly, consequences of erroneous medical literature searching.
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Web Wise Ways [Full Text]
Jill Ann Hurst profiles SkyMinder, an Internet service geared towards end users, that provides gateway access to a range of business and financial information.
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Tools of the Trade [Full Text]
Dave Rensberger ponders how the Digital Mlllennium Copyright Act might further muddy fair use laws in everything from file-sharing software to DVDs and VCRs while negatively impacting the day-to-day functioning of info pros.
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Behind the Screen
Assessing "Internet Values," Richard Wiggins puts a price tag on the factors behind failed Internet ventures, giving tips on how companies and individuals can cash in on both industry winners and losers.
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Internet Express
Dreading the next rolling blackout in California or want to be forewarned about any possible tornado strikes in Kansas or the latest tropical storm brewing off the coast of Florida?  Never fear!  Irene McDermott has a first-aid kit full of emergency alerts, warnings, and advisories available on the Web.
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