Searcher  Volume 8, Number 3
March 2000


Aska Do’s, Don’ts, and How-To’s [Abstract]
Nicholas Tomaiuolo and Joan Packer look at the growing demand for e-mail reference services and how librarians can best handle and staff an electronic help desk. [Page 32]

OCLC’s FirstSearch: A Rookie Matures [Abstract]
Jane Bambrick provides the “stats” on this search service to see if this product is going to be a hit with its users or never make it out of the minors.  [Page 36]

Unearthing Market Research: Get Ready for a Bumpy Ride [Full Text]
Susan Klopper buckles up to take a spin through the promises and perils offered to consultants who need to find online market intelligence for demanding customers. [Page 42]

I Think ICANN: Climbing the Internet Regulation Mountain [Abstract]
Wallace Koehler puts on his hiking shoes to check out whether ICANN is going to make it up the steep incline of the domain name crest.  [Page 48]

Oh No! I Can’t Get on the Web: Offline Strategies for Internet Content Presentations [Full Text]
If you do presentations that would be enhanced by Internet examples, Steven Bell tells you how you can be sure a techno-glitch won’t leave you high and dry. [Page 54]


Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
In “A Pig in a Poke,” bq jumps into the frying pan and asks how the traditional pay-before-you-deliver policy can be updated to better serve clients and searchers alike. [Page 6]

Web Wise Ways [Full Text]
Amelia Kassel plugs into to check out if its 2,400 free premium sources offer the same quality as traditional, fee-based services. (Includes complete listing of free sources in Excel format.) [Page 10]

Internet Express [Abstract]
Irene McDermott “pokés” around to see which metasearch engines or software can round up the best results when comparison shopping. [Page 24]

Leading Libraries [Abstract]
Doris Helfer is mad as “L” and she’s not going to take how graduate programs are doing away with library science programs, a degree at a time, anymore! [Page 29]

The Sidebar [Full Text]
Carol Ebbinghouse offers careful steps to take to avoid liability and malpractice suits at the hands of dissatisfied clients. [Page 66]



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