Searcher  Volume 8, Number 6 
June 2000


'Round-the-Clock, 'Round-the-Globe Customer Support: Are Vendors Ready? [Abstract]
Denise Rabogliatti and Marsha Fulton surveyed five major online vendors (Bell & Howell, Dialog, Factiva, Gale Group, and LEXIS-NEXIS) about each company’s capabilities in meeting the needs of organizations establishing global, often 24/7, operations. [Page 40]

PLA Conference: Technology and Books!! [Abstract]
Peg Tarbox, Public Library Association 2000 attendee, reviews the conference, which focused on innovative issues, services, and technologies, including the ongoing format question: Does the future hold e-, audio-, or print books, or all of the above? [Page 46]

E-Commerce and Internet Taxation [Full Text]
Laura Gordon-Murnane looks at the major issues fueling the arguments of the anti- and pro-Internet tax groups. [Page 48]

TANSTAAFL: In Search of the Free Lunch and No-Cost/Low-Cost Full-Text Archives [Abstract]
Mary Ellen Bates hungers for real sustenance from online full-text providers. Will anything off the vendors’ menus satisfy her cravings? [Page 55]

Prospecting on the Content Frontier [Abstract]
Cary Kenney critiques the debut of the E-Content Conference, jointly sponsored by Online Inc. and Outsell, Inc., which was geared in large part towards companies and individuals who process and redistribute digital content. [Page 60]


Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
Joining the ranks of the “Error Patrol,” the ever-diligent bq tries to stick her finger in the crack of one small problem and opens up a floodgate instead. [Page 6]

Web Wise Ways [Abstract]
Amelia Kassel checks out D&B’s Million Dollar Directory on the Internet and aggregator alternatives to see how each matches up in providing industrial-strength research. [Page 10]

Internet Express [Abstract]
Looking for a long-lost comrade or missing info from your family tree? Irene McDermott tells you what directories can assist you in tracking down family and friends. [Page 24]

Premier(e) Books [Abstract]
The next entry in the special “Dangerous Data Ahead” Searcher series is from Mary Ellen Bate’s forthcoming book, Mining for Gold on the Internet, Chapter 15: “Scams and Frauds.” [Page 34]

Webmastery [Full Text]
Gary Price interviews Marylaine Block, a librarian who does it all, from Internet training, to writing and editing, to serving as Webmaster for Web site guides. [Page 65]

Tools of the Trade [Abstract]
In “A Whole New Rhythm, Hello DSL,” Dave Rensberger takes the plunge, gets wired for a digital subscriber line, and lives to tell about it. [Page 72]


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