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Deconstructing Questia: The Usability of a Subscription Digital Library
After providing a general overview and history of Questia, Nick Tomaiuolo takes a look at the service from three overlapping angles: its marketing, its usability, and the experiences —good and bad — of a test group of college students.
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Tempest in a Librarian's Teapot: EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale Exclusive, and Unique Titles [Full Text]
Larry Krumenaker investigates the "exclusivity" charges against EBSCOhost brought on by its competitors to see if ProQuest and Gale have a reason to be steaming mad or if the companies are blowing the whistle over nothing.
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The Rise and Fall of Your Once Favorite Internet Service
Flying high one day with your favorite Internet service and up a tree the next without it? Jill Ann Hurst reads between the lines of the fairy tale stories of some Net companies which didn't quite go on to live happily ever after.
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Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
In "Time for Wisdom," bq wonders why the seemingly flawless D(ata) plus K(nowledge) plus I(nformation) equation doesn't often actually add up to W(isdom).
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The Sidebar [Full Text]
Law librarian Carol Ebbinghouse highlights established commercial online services that have begun to jump on the "free" portal bandwagon — LexisONE, Westlaw's new acquisition, FindLaw, to name two — and the breadth of information, from court opinions, statutes, and dictionaries, to court forms, bar exams, discussion groups and forums, that can be found via portal links.
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Leading Libraries
Attendee Doris Helfer reviews the Southern California Online Users Group (SCOUG) spring workshop, "Building Information Communities: SCOUG Looks at the Tools and Strategies Librarians Are Using to Develop Information Infrastructures for the Organizations They Serve."
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Gary Price talks with Genie Tyburski, compiler of The Virtual Chase, a guide to high-quality online resources, principally geared toward the legal research community.
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Behind the Screen
What happens when online vendors become players in the business intelligence game? Richard Wiggins singles out SinglePoint, Nrorthern Light's entry into the corporate portal market.
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Internet Express
Self-appointed referee Irene McDermott sets out to answer this question searchers may soon be facing: Does Bowker Books In Print have the power to wrestle away from a good chunk of its revenues?
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Correspondence [Full Text]
Multiple reactions to bq's denunciation of Double-Fold; more free magazines online; linking to SLA and Carol Tenopir.
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