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Weather, Climate, and Global Warming: A Web Review [Resource Links]
Where to turn for up-to-the minute, accurate forecasts about short-term and long-term weather?  Barbie Keiser tells you where the best weather sites are on the Web, whether you're traveling to work, heading on vacation, or want information about global issues such as climate control, El Niño, and the greenhouse effect.
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Digital Government:  Digital Tools for the Electronic Dissemination of Government Information [Full Text]
Laura Gordon-Murnane reviews and American FactFinder, two tools designed to provide access to a wide range of government information now available electronically.
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The Third Wave of the Information Age: 
Internet Librarian Conference, November 2001 [Full Text]
Didn't make it to Pasadena this past November?  Irene McDermott highlights a handful of the speakers and topics from the fifth annual Internet Librarian conference, including Roy Tennant's session on XML and Eric Shaffer's on Web page usability.
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Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
What bq has to say this month truly "Googles" the mind.
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The Sidebar [Full Text]
Searcher's legal eagle Carol Ebbinghouse tackles the sticky issue of private control of public regulations, the crux of the pending Veeck v. Southern Building Code Congress International case.
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Behind the Screen
Richard Wiggins compares two new apps that attempt to combine high efficiency with the human touch: Quiver, Inc., designed for enterprise document organization, and DolphinSearch, which takes on the task of intranet content management.
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Leading Libraries
Doris Helfer explores the strategy laid out by OCLC to transform its WorldCat bibliographic database and online union catalog into a globally networked information resource.
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The Better Mousetrap
Nancy Lambert takes a look at Questel•Orbit's release of version 3 of QPAT, its Internet-based patent search service, to see just how revamped it really is.
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Tools of the Trade
Is Dave Rensberger successful in finding an audio tool powerful enough to help him transcribe his mounting collection of old time radio shows? Only The Shadow knows....
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Another view about "The Blame Game."
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