Vol. 10 No. 2 February 2002 
Weather, Climate, and Global Warming: Resource Links
by Barbie E. Keiser
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The following tables, presented here in Adobe PDF format, appear as part of Barbie E. Keiser's article, "Weather, Climate, and Global Warming: A Web Review," and contain links to related Web resources.

Table 1: 
More Weather on the World Wide Web

Table 2:
Global Warming and a Changing Climate:
Not-for-Profit Association Reports, Research, and Activist Efforts
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Use With Caution
When looking at the many Web sites dealing with the issue of global warming, it's imperative that you take care to observe any biases of the individuals and organizations creating these sites. Even those with clear biases may still prove useful to you in your research, so don't discount them altogether. Simply understand the purpose they are supposed to serve, so you can better evaluate the quality of data and views presented. 


Barbie E. Keiser is an information resources management consultant located in New York City [].
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