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Power Searching Strategies for Success
Amelia Kassel provides pointers for those new to the profession on how to use the Web and commercial databases to get the best information possible for clients.
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The Dotcom Directory: A Work in Progress [Full Text]
Cecilia Preston reviews the Dotcom Directory portal, loosely based on Network Solutions' database of registered domain names, to see if it's a boon or bust search tool.
Page 43
Online at London Online
A smoke-filled exhibit hall can't dull the senses of Marydee Ojala, who critiques this annual international conference with her usual wit and wisdom.
Page 59
Dot-Lib for Libraries Can It Happen? Ask ICANN [Full Text]
Wallace Koehler looks at the possibility of the library community securing its own, exclusive generic top-level domain (gTLD) name.
Page 66
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
Think that the increasing dot-com burnout doesn't affect searchers? Think again, says bq.
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Internet Express
Irene McDermott says that keeping track of the ever-changing Internet can be easier when utilizing the Web's abundance of current-awareness services.
Page 10
The Sidebar [Full Text]
In Searcher's continuing series on "Dangerous Data," Carol Ebbinghouse suggests recourse options available to searchers who have been burned by cyberspace misinformation.
Page 20
Leading Libraries
Doris Helfer tries out Questia, which bills itself as the first online subscription-based full-text text book service for undergraduate college students.
Page 31
The Better Mousetrap
Nancy Lambert shows searchers how to get the best of both worlds by combining command-driven patent searching with the capabilities of Internet patent services such as DialogWeb, QWEB, STNWeb, and STN Express with Discover.
Page 48
Tools of the Trade
Dave Rensberger, who knows way too much about collecting "stuff," gives his personal take on PDAs.
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