CyberGuides to Subject Searching on the Web 
by Nora Paul and Margot Williams. Cyberage Books, 1999.
Edited by Paula Hane; Foreword by Barbara Quint 
Great Scouts! is a cure for information overload. Authors Nora Paul (The Poynter Institute) and Margot Williams (The Washington Post) direct readers to the very best subject-specific, Web-based information resources. Thirty chapters cover specialized “CyberGuides” selected as the premier Internet sources of information on business, education, arts and entertainment, science and technology, health and medicine, politics and government, law, sports, and much more.  With its expert advice and evaluations of information and link content, value, currency, stability, and usability, Great Scouts! takes you “beyond search engines” — and directly to the top sources of information for your topic. As a reader bonus, the authors are maintaining this Web page featuring updated links to all the sites covered in the book. 
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 Chapter 2 - OmniSites
    • The Invisible Web
    • Topica
    • Yahoo!
    • NBCi HOME
    • GO Network
    • Excite
    • Lycos: Your Personal Internet Guide
    • Britannica
    • Magellan Internet Guide
    • The Argus Clearinghouse
    • WWW Virtual Library
    • Welcome to INFOMINE!
    • BUBLLINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Selected Internet Resources
    • Welcome to WebRing!
    • TopTenLinks- 900+ Top 10 Web Site Lists !
    • Liszt, the mailing list directory
    • The Scout Report

Chapter 3 -Education Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Education
    • Education World
    • Education Index

Other Top Education Scouts
    • Lightspan
    • EdWeb - gone
    • EdWeb - K-12 Resource Guide - gone

New and Notable Scouts
   • The Gateway to Educational Materials

Education Sites Mentioned
    • U.S. Department of Education: Office of Educational Technology
    • Education and Library Networks Coalition
    • HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites
    • Web 66
    • Student Homepages
    • World Lecture Hall
    • Homework Central
    • TeleCampus
    • Research Papers Online
    • EssayWorld

Chapter 4 -Food on the Web

Great Scouts for Food
    • Culinary Connection
        — Home Page
        — Link Database

Other Top Food Scouts
    • Gourmet Spot
    • Food and Nutrition Information Center
    • FoodInfo Net
    • The Kitchen Link

New and Notable Scouts
    • The Chocolate Lovers' Page

Food Sites Mentioned
    • Iowa State University's Tasty Insect Recipes
    • Kellogg's
    • Pillsbury
    • Shrimp and Seafood
    • Martha Stewart
    • KPaul's
    • Diana's Kitchen
    • Bread Baker's Guild of America
    • Vegetarian Resource Group
    • U.S. Department of Agriculture: Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services
    • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
    • Food Network
    • Internet Epicurean Recipe Exchange
    • Nutribase Online Nutritional Database
    • Tavolo (Culinary Institute of America)
    • Epicurious Eating Dictionary
    • Food and Nutrition Information Center
    • International Food Information Council
    • Meals for You

Chapter 5 -Medical Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Medical Resources
    • HealthFinder
    • Medical Matrix

Other Top Medical Scouts
    • Mediconsult temporarily unavailable

New and Notable Scouts
    • Achoo: Healthcare Online

Medical Sites Mentioned
    • Journal of the American Medical Association
    • The Emmenagogues: Herbs that move blood and relieve pain
    • QuackWatch
    • HealthSquare
    • Thrive Online
    • Online Medical Dictionary
    • Index Medicus / PubMed
    • Medline Plus
    • American Medical Association's Online Doctor Finder
    • DoctorDirectory
    • Food and Drug Administration Electronic Orange Book
    • Merck Manual
    • Physician's Desk Reference
    • National Institutes of Health
    • How to search for medical information
    • Websites warn: healthcare information may not be what the doctor ordered
    • 1998 Survey of Internet Clinical Medicine Applications

Chapter 6 -History Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for History
    • Labyrinth Home Page
    • Argos
    • Horus' History Links

Other Top History Scouts
    • American Memory
    • WWW Virtual Library for History
    • HyperHistory
    • Historical Text Archive

New and Notable Scouts
    • The Civil War Maps Collection at the Library of Congress

History Sites Mentioned
    • Dead People Server
    • Disinformation
    • Documenting the American South Main Page
    • The Smoking Gun
    • Welcome Court TV Online
    • The Vietnam Pictures Archives at MetaLab
    • National Archives and Records Administration Home Page
    • Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web
    • Descendants of Royal Historical Figures
    • Historical Map Web Sites
    • Newspaper Archives
    • Today in History
    • American Slave Narratives
    • Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography
    • Perseus Project Home Page
    • Hippias: Limited Area Search of Philosophy on the Internet

Chapter 7 -Law Enforcement, Crime and Terrorism Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Law Enforcement, Crime and Terrorism Resources
    • National Criminal Justice Reference Service
    • TerrorismResearch Center

Other Top Law Enforcement, Crime and Terrorism Scouts
    • Organized Crime
    • Law Enforcement Online

New and Notable Scouts
  • Megalinks in Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement, Crime and Terrorism Resources on the World Wide Web Sites Mentioned
    • National Criminal Justice Research Service
    • Crime Time
    • National Crime Prevention Council
    • Fast Crime Facts
    • Most Wanted
    • WWW Speedtrap Registry
    • Cyberspace Inmates
    • Centerfor Democracy and Technology Counter-Terrorism Page
    • Patterns of Global Terrorism
    • Federal Emergency Management Agency: Terrorism
    • Texas Criminal History Records
    • National Crime Prevention Council
    • Justice for Kids and Youth
    • Police Scanner
    • Relocation Crime Lab
    • FBI FOIA Electronic Reading Room
    • CyberAngels
    • U.S. State Department Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets

Chapter 8 -Minority Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Minority Resources
    • NetNoir
    • Latino Web
    • ABCFlash - Comprehensive Asian Links List
    • Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
    • WWWomen
    • Queer Resources Directory
    • The Other Queer Page

Other Top Minority Resources Scouts
    • Everything Black
    • NoirOnline - gone
    • The Afro American Web Ring
    • REFORMA: The National Association to Promote Library Services to the Spanish Speaking
    • Native Web
    • Indian Circle
    • Cybergrrl's Netguide

New and Notable Scouts
    • Crosspoint Anti-Racism Directory of Organizations and Links

Minority Resource Sites Mentioned

Chapter 9 -Shopping Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Shopping
    • WebMarket

Other Top Shopping Scouts
    • CouchPotatoe - Gone
    • Cybersaver Mall
    • @InterMall

New and Notable Scouts
    • The All-Internet Shopping Directory

Shopping Sites Mentioned
    • Neiman Marcus
    • Wal-Mart
    • Consumer Reports
    • BotSpots
    • C/Net's Online Shopper
    • Shopfind - Gone
    • DealPilot(formerly ACSES) - Gone
    • PriceScan - computers
    • Antiqnet - antiques
    • Car Prices

Chapter 10 -Politics on the Web

Great Scouts for Politics
    • Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self-Defense System
    • Homepage

Other Top Political Scouts
    • Politics1 - The #1 Net Guide to American Politics, Candidates & Parties
    • Political Information (.com) -- A Search Engine for Politics and Policy
    • Jefferson Project
    • Political Science Resources on the Web
    • Political Resources on the Net
    • Political Site of the Day

New and Notable Scouts
    • On Politics: Campaign 2000

Political Sites Mentioned
    • Campaign Finance Information Center
    • FEC Info
    • Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
    • parody
    • Center for Responsive Politics lobbyist database
    • CNN/All Politics
    • Politics
    • Politics Index
    • Roll Call Online
    • US Newswire
    • PR Newswire
    • Political Resources
    • White House 2000 (the presidential campaign)

Chapter 11 -Religion on the Web

Great Scouts for Religion
    • Virtual Religion Index
    • Religious Resources on the Net

Other Top Religion Scouts
    • Best of the Christian Web
    • Goshen

New and Notable Scouts
    • All-in-One Biblical Resources Search

Religion Sites Mentioned
    • Benedictine Monastery
    • OrishaNet - Santeria
    • Buddhist Sand Painting - Gone
    • The Vatican
    • Heaven's Gate - Gone
    • Religion and Scriptures
    • New Religious Movements
    • The Geography of Religion
    • Religion News Service
    • American Religion Data Archive

Chapter 12 -Social Issues on the Web

Great Scouts for Social Issues
    • AAAS Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet - Home Page
    • WebActive Directory

Other Top Social Issues Scouts
    • Death Penalty Information Center
    • Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG
    • The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
    • World Animal Net Directory

New and Notable Scouts
    • National Center on Charitable Statistics Links (at the Urban Institute)
    • NonProfit Pathfinder: The Global Gateway to Civil Society Research and Innovation

Social Issues Sites Mentioned
    • Protest.Net
    • TheBoycott Board - Gone
    • Guidestar
    • Internet Nonprofit Center
    • National Charities Information Bureau
    • Forum One
    • Deja now at Google
    • HateWatch - Gone
    • The Hate Directory
    • ReliefNet
    • The Brookings Institution
    • The Cato Institute
    • The Heritage Foundation
    • Town Hall: Conservative News and Information
    • RAND
    • Urban Institute Website
    • Impact Online
    • Virtual Volunteering Project

Chapter 13 -Travel Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Travel
    •Excite Travel (formerly City.Net)
    • Fodor's Resource Center

Other Top Travel Scouts
    • TravelWeb

New and Notable Scouts
    • Lonely Planet Online
    • Online City Guide

Travel Sites Mentioned
    • MountEverest - Gone
    • NileRiver - Gone
    • Antarctica
    • Travel Channel
    • Subway Page
    • RailServe
    • How far is it?
    • Free Trip
    • Cyber Router
    • Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
    • World Travel Guide
    • State Department Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets
    • Travel Health Online
    • Currency Converter
    • LanguageDictionaries and Translators - Gone
    • Travlang

Chapter 14 -Business and Management on the Web

Great Scouts for Business
    • DowJones Business Directory - Gone!
    • Hoover's Online: The Ultimate Source for Company Information

Other Top Business Sites
    • Prices's List of Lists
    • International Business Resources on the WWW
    • The Scout Report for Business & Economics
    • LivelinkPinstripe - Gone!

New and Notable Scouts
    • Sookoo! Business Strategy Search Specialist
    • from The Financial Times

Business Sites Mentioned
    • - Gone
    • JobWeb- Linking jobs, job seekers, and job-search information
    • Venture Capital Resource Library
    • SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
    • CorpTechDatabase of 50,000 U.S. Technology Companies - unavailable 3/16/01
    • Financial Encyclopaedia
    • The New York Stock Exchange
    • The Federal Reserve Board
    • NIC Web Page
    • FRB: Federal Reserve Banks
    • Harvard Business School - Baker Library
    • Penn Library-Lippincott Library Home Page
    • British Library of Political and Economic Science/Tables
    • 2000 The World's Richest People
    • Fortune 500 | 500 List
    • The Inc. 500
    • Black Enterprise 100
    • WSJ.COM Home Page
    • Research Center
    • CNNfn- the financial network
    • Disclosure Primark
    • Partes® Free Real-Time SEC EDGAR Filings
    • EDGAR Database
    • The New York Stock Exchange
    • The NASDAQ Home Page
    • American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
    • Istanbul Stock Exchange
    • Welcome to the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Chapter 15 -Countries and Regions of the World on the Web

Great Scouts for Countries and Regions of the World
    • Virtual Tourist
    • Argus Clearinghouse

Other Top Countries and Regions of the World Scouts
    • Localized Search Engines
    • Infobel: International Telephone Directories
    • Hieros Gamos

New and Notable Scouts
    • National Geographic’s Map Machine
    • East and Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources

Countries and Regions of theWorld Sites Mentioned
    • World Population Clock
    • Babelfish - Translation service

Chapter 16 -Government Information on the Web

Great Scouts for Government
    • Federal Government Resources on the Web
    • Fedstats
    • U.S. State & Local Gateway
    • NASIRE - State Search

Other Top Government Scouts
    • The Federal Web Locator
    • FedWorld Information Network Home Page
    • State and Local Government on the Net
    • GOVBOT - Government search engine
    • Government Information Locator Service (GILS)

New and Notable Scouts
    • usgovsearch free edition from Northern Light

Government Sites Mentioned
    • CIA Kids Page
    • National Archives and Records Administration Home Page
    • UncleSam - Who's who in the Federal Government
    • The Federal Consumer Information Center
    • GPO Access multiple database search
    • THOMAS - U.S. Congress on the Internet
    • U.S. Geological Survey
    • Welcome To The White House
    • U.S. Census Bureau
    • Forms And Publications - IRS
    • United States Postal Service
    • Code Talk - A federal website managed by Native Americans

Chapter 17 -Law on the Web

Great Scouts for Law
    • FindLaw
    • formerly COUNSELQUEST

Other Top Law Scouts
    • Hieros Gamos - The Law and Government Portal
    • Internet Legal Resource Guide
    • LawRunner: A Legal Research Tool
    • WASHLAW WEB -- Washburn University School of Law
    • REFLAW: Virtual Reference & Law & Legal & Government & Politics
    • Center for Information Law and Policy

New and Notable Scouts
    • LLRX Research Guide by Andrew Zimmerman

Law Sites Mentioned
    • ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union
    • Adoption Advocates: Adoption Policy Resource Center
    • Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
    • ABA Public Information
    • DCBar - Disciplinary Actions Taken by the Board on Professional Responsibility - Gone
    • Atty Discipline Main Index
    • Washlaw WEB -- Lists and Discussion Groups
    • LSAT: The official Law School Admission Council LSAT Web site.
    • American Lawyer Media Attorney Positions & Legal Jobs
    • University Law Review Project
    • Choice In Dying
    • DCRA Home Page
    • FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions
    • Virginia Opinions
    • Welcome to Court TV Online
    • COUNSEL QUEST - Court Humor and Lawyer Jokes

Chapter 18 -News and Publications on the Web

Great Scouts for News and Publications
    • The Ultimate Collection of News Links
    • Editor & Publisher's Media links

Other Top News and Publications Scouts
    • Radio:The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet
    • Magazines:PubList
    • TV:Ultimate TV

New and Notable Scouts

News Story Search Sites
    • News Trawler
    • Lycos News formerly NewsBot
    • News Hub
    • Electric Library

News and Publication Sites Mentioned
    • Irish Times
    • Moscow Times
    • Los Angeles Times
    • New York Times
    • CNN
    • The Antenna: The Broadcaster's Guide to the Internet - Gone
    • AJR Newslink

Chapter 19 -Personal Finance on the Web

Great Scouts for Personal Finance
    • InvestorGuide - The Leading Guide to Investing on the Web
    • Free investing guides

Other Top Personal Finance Scouts
    • douglas gerlach's invest-o-rama!
    • Realty Times Realty Locator
    • InvestorSEEK.COM - The Search Engine for Stock / Option Traders...
    • Finance Wise
    • Investorguide Smart Search

New and Notable Scouts

Personal Finance Sites Mentioned
    • American Association of Individual Investors
    • NAIC Online for Investors and Investment Education
    • Bank Directory and Consumer Banking Guide
    • BankWebHome Page - Gone
    • The Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada
    • InvestorWords - Investing Glossary
    • Yahoo! Financial Glossary
    • - Your Eye on the Market
    • MSN MoneyCentral: Home Page
    • The Motley Fool: Finance and Folly -- Main Page
    • MSN Investor
    • Yahoo! Finance
    • MONEY.COM: Your Financial Strategy Center
    • - The Consumer Insurance Guide
    • Digital Daily Welcome - IRS
    • Forbes Toolbox
    • MSNBC Investment Toolkit

Chapter 20 -Ready Reference on the Web

Great Scouts for Ready Reference
    • Internet Public Library
    • Ready Reference using the Internet

Other Top Ready Reference Scouts
    • DeskTop Reference Agent
    • Fulltext and Ready Reference Resources
    • Desk Ref: Quick Reference Links
    • Ready Reference Resources on the Internet

New and Notable Scouts
    • VoyCabulary

Ready Reference Sites Mentioned
    • CIA World Factbook
    • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
    • Roget's Thesaurus
    • The Quotations Page
    • Calculators Online Center
    • Usenet FAQ Archive
    • Fugitive Fact File
    • Research It!
    • Ask a Librarian
    • Ask Zach
    • Biographical Dictionary
    • One Look Dictionaries
    • Price's List of Lists
    • Calendar Zone
    • Information Please Almanac
    • US Gazetteer
    • The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
    • Atlapedia Online
    • Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
    • How Stuff Works
    • Salary Calculator

Chapter 21 -Art & Architecture Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Art & Architecture
    • Internet Art Resources
    • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Architecture

Other Top Art & Architecture Scouts
    • The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Museums
    • Gateway to Art History - see below

New and Notable Scouts
    • Virtual Library of the Information City

Art & Architecture Sites Mentioned
    • WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
    • ArtSource
    • ArtLex - dictionary of visual art
    • Great Buildings Online - Master Buildings List 990620
    • Getty Center Home Page
    • MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art
    • The Frick Art Reference Library: FRESCO
    • The Electric Gallery - Fine Art - The Art Shopping Source
    • AIA Online
    • Cyburbia - Architecture Resource Directory
    • THE ART LOSS REGISTER - Helping the victims of art theft...on the internet
    • home page

Chapter 22 -Entertainment Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Entertainment
    • Internet Movie Database
    • MovieClicks
    • Moviefone

New and Notable Scouts
    • Voice of Dance NEW!

Other Top Entertainment Scouts
    • Playbill Online
    • Theatre Link
    • CultureNet
    • Gravel Walk to Theatre on the Net (Missing - 9/3/99)
    • Ultimate Band List
    • Ultimate TV

Chapter 23 -Hobbies and Crafts on the Web

Great Scouts for Hobbies and Crafts
    • About / Hobbies
    • Britannica

New and Notable Scouts
    • Crafts Fair Online NEW!

Hobbies and Crafts Sites Mentioned
    • Tile Design Workshop
    • Collectors Universe
    • Web Ring
    • Craft and Hobby Webring
    • Family Fun Magazine's Crafts Index
    • MyFree: Crafts
    • CraftSearch

Chapter 24 -Literature, Language and Libraries on the Web

Great Scouts for Literature, Language & Libraries
    • The On-Line Books Page
    • The Human-Languages Page
    • Libweb - Library WWW Servers

Other Top Literature, Language & Libraries Scouts
    • A Literary Index: Making sense of literature on the Internet
    • WISDOM: Knowledge & Literature Search

Literature, Language & Libraries Sites Mentioned
    • Encyclopedia Mythica
    • Literature Resources for the High School and College Student
    • Literary Kicks
    • PW: Bestseller index
    •'s Biggest Selection
    • Welcome to City Lights Booksellers and Publishers
    • Welcome to Alibris
    • The New York Times: Books
    • Welcome to Merriam-Webster
    • Online Symbolism Dictionary
    • News Front
    • The CMU Poetry Index of Canonical Verse
    • Random House Inc. | Books@Random
    • Columbia University Press
    • Cadmus Editions, Publishers
    • Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase
    • A Celebration of Women Writers

Chapter 25 -Sports on the Web

Great Scouts for Sports
    • SportQuest
    • SearchSport: The Sport Directory

Other Top Sports Scouts
    • Fantasy Leagues: TFL Report
    • MegaSports
    • SportSearch

New and Notable Scouts
    • Link-to-all-sports

Sports Sites Mentioned
    • National Football League
    • WQAM Sports Radio
    • Olympic Sports
    • National Basketball Association rules
    • Official Baseball Rules
    • Soccer: The laws of the game
    • USA Hockey Official Playing Rules
    • NFL Rules
    • Yahoo! Sports
    • ESPN
    • Allsports
    • CNN/Sports Illustrated
    • The Sporting News
    • Little League Online

Chapter 26 -Computing and Internet Information on the Web

Great Scouts for Computing & Internet Information
    • Computer and Communication Entry Page
    • Virtual Computer Library

Other Top Computing & Internet Information Scouts
    • Nerd's Heaven: The Software Directory Directory
    • The Information Economy

New and Notable Scouts
    • BotSpot: the place for all bots on the Net

Computing & Internet Information Sites Mentioned
    • The Jargon File - Search Form
    • BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
    • FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
    • Tech Encyclopedia
    • The List -- The Definitive ISP Buyer's Guide
    • The Geography of Cyberspace Directory
    • Internet Tools Summary
    • - Welcome to CNET!
    • ZDNet
    • The Virtual Museum of Computing
    • Soviet Calculators Collection
    • Museum of Soviet Calculators
    • The Internet Archive
    • Electronic Privacy Information Center
    • Information Today, Inc. Home Page
    • eWeek Online
    • Welcome to InternetWeek
    • Wired Magazine
    • Netsurfer Digest Home Page

Chapter 27 -Environment Resources on the Web

Great Scouts for Environment
    • Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory
    • EnviroLink

Other Top Environment Scouts
    • EcoNet
    • States' Environmental Web Sites Directory
    • Best Environmental Directory
    • About: Environment

New and Notable Scouts
    • (environmentsearch engine)NEW!

Environment Sites Mentioned
    • Greenpeace
    • Shell Oil
    • Global Information Locator Service
    • EcoCompanion Australasia
    • FacsNet
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Zip Code Search for environmental health
    • Sierra Club
    • Environmental Defense Fund Scorecard

Chapter 28 -Science on the Web

Great Scouts for Science
    • PSL INFOMINE Search Screen
    • SciCentral: Gateway to the Best Science and Engineering Online Resources

Other Top Science Scouts
    • The Scout Report for Science & Engineering
    • MadSciNet: The 24-hour exploding laboratory.
    • The Tree of Life Home Page
    • New Scientist Planet Science: Keysites - Hot Internet Issues and Cool Sites

New and Notable Scouts
    • The Star Pages: The Star*s Family of Astronomy and Related Resources NEW!

Science Sites Mentioned
    • The original proposal of the WWW, HTMLized
    • How Things Work Home Page
    • Mad SciNet:The 24-hour exploding laboratory
    • Ask An Astronaut
    • MendelWeb Homepage 97.1
    • Einstein-Image and Impact (AIP History Center exhibit)
    • The Nobel Channel
    • The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
    • The Nobel Foundation
    • Scientific American
    • Discover Magazine
    • Nature
    • The Astrophysical Journal Electronic Edition
    • The Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception
    • American Museum of Natural History
    • The American Museum of Natural History Research Web
    • Welcome to The Natural History Museum
    • NASA Homepage
    • Discovery Online
    • NOVA Online
    • A Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • The Visible Human Project
    • The NPAC Visible Human Viewer
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