Information Today
Volume 19, Issue 8 September 2002
Information Today
Volume 19, Issue 8 September 2002
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Report from the Field
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2002[Full Text]
This event's programs supplied academic yet practical information about the latest research on digital libraries and provided a hint about what's in store for the future.
by Marydee Ojala 1

Poynder on Point
The Shooting of Dan Wagner[Full Text]
In a candid interview, Richard Poynder talks to the former Dialog chief about his time with that company as well as what he's doing now.
by Richard Poynder 1

IT Feature
FIZ Karlsruhe Celebrates 25 Years
This organization's longevity and the recent commitment of support from the German government may help it become a model for the future.
by Richard Poynder 27

IT News Report
Open eBook Forum Releases Industry Report[Full Text]
This new information gives some insights into both the current state of e-book technology and the medium's acceptance by users.
by Paula J. Hane 28

Is the GPO Endangered?[Full Text]
by Miriam A. Drake 1

EBSCO Releases EBSCOhost Web 6.0[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane 3

Entopia Ships New Release of Quantum[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane 7

CCBN Charges Thomson Financial with Ethical Violations[Full Text]
by Barbie E. Keiser 21

Liberty Alliance Releases Initial Specifications[Full Text]
by Richard W. Wiggins 22

divine Launches Integrated Search and Classification Solution[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane 24

Sage Publications Withdraws Titles from EBSCOhost, ProQuest[Full Text]
by Barbie E. Keiser 25
Online Columns & News

Quint's Online
'Documents? What Documents?'[Full Text]
Barbara Quint elaborates on the controversy about the possible upcoming closure of the Government Printing Office. Page 8

Database Review
One-Stop Shopping for Dialog News
Mick O'Leary claims that this collection of sources from Dialog's databases is unrivaled in subject depth and reaffirms the company's position as a major player in the industry. Page 14

Legal Issues
The Peer-to-Peer Piracy Prevention Act
Calling the recently introduced Berman bill an "outrage," Stephanie C. Ardito speculates on the privacy concerns for individuals and intermediary searchers if this copyright legislation should pass. Page 18

Hiring Line
When to Weed, When to Feed
Richard Ream offers some tips for both employers and employees in this difficult economy. Page 26

Company Announcements
Internet Today

Internet Waves
Just What Are Web Services Anyway?
Shirley Kennedy describes how they work and gives examples of the fun things that can be done with them. 32

Internet Insights
Content in Context Is King
Péter Jacsó discusses how information retrieval programs would be more useful if they were more context-sensitive. 34

Internet Announcements
Internet Publishing Today

Focus on Publishing
DRM's Confused and Fragile Future
Robin Peek summarizes some of the recent issues and challenges facing the future development of digital rights management technology, including privacy concerns and possible Congressional mandates. Page 38

Internet Publishing Announcements
Library Systems Today

The Systems Librarian
The Never-Ending Battle Against Spam
Marshall Breeding describes the various types of unwanted e-mail and suggests some ways to stop it. Page 42

Library Systems Announcements
  • Calendar Page 45
  • Book Review

  • Internet Prophets: Enlightened E-Business Strategies for Every Budget,
    by Mary Diffley, reviewed by Gwen M. Gregory Page 47
  • People Line Page 55
  • InfoToons

  • by Gib Robbie Page 58
Special Advertising Sections
  • Bookshelf Page 50-51
  • Information Today Directory of Services & Sources Page 57
  • Online Internet CD/DVD Library Systems
  • Index to Advertisers
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