Information Today
Volume 19, Issue 6 June 2002
Information Today
Volume 19, Issue 6 June 2002
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Poynder on Point
The Big Lie[Full Text]
In the debut of his new bimonthly column, Richard Poynder takes a look at the widespread practice of vendor sponsorship, and specifically at the recent Patent Information Users Group meeting. 
by Richard Poynder 1

IT Report from the Field
2002 SIIA Annual Conference[Full Text]
This recent event in San Diego brought together the information and software publishing industries, as well as the world of education.
by Gail Dykstra 1

IT Report from the Field
2002 Search Engine Meeting[Full Text]
This conference explored the limitations of current systems, the research and development of new technologies, and the important business aspects of the industry.
by Donald T. Hawkins 26

Online, Inc. Acquired by Information Today, Inc.[Full Text]
by Reva Basch 1

NLM Is Testing Visual Interface from[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane 3

Academic Libraries Develop Integrated Portal Software Package[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint 22

CRIBIS Announces Latest Upgrade for SkyMinder[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint 24

Consumers Union Launches Consumer WebWatch[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint 48

Webmergers, the451 Unveil TechDealmaker[Full Text]
by Barbie E. Keiser 50

New Google Answers Service Raises a Few Questions of Its Own[Full Text]
by Tara Calishain 50

Yahoo! Service Offers More Advice Than Expertise[Full Text]
by Tara Calishain 51
Online Columns & News

Quint's Online
Some Advice for Google Answers
Barbara Quint offers a few friendly suggestions to this new service and encourages it to adopt the high standards of reference librarians. Page 8

Database Review
Oxford Reference Online Fills Big Niche
Mick O'Leary claims that this service excels at providing quick reference on virtually any subject and features an appealing pricing structure. Page 14

Legal Issues
To Link or Not to Link
George H. Pike examines the recent issues and lawsuits involving hyperlinking that are of concern for both producers and consumers of information resources. Page 20

Company Announcements
Internet Today
Internet Waves
Looks Like It's Time for the Internet
Shirley Kennedy explains how the Web can supplement libraries by providing comprehensive information and instant answers to whatever question pops into your head. Page 30

Internet Insights
Cross-Searching Electronic Journal Archives
Péter Jacsó describes how he customized a generic desktop metasearch engine for easier access to e-journals. Page 34

Internet Announcements

Internet Publishing Today

Focus on Publishing
SPARC Is Ready to Go Mainstream
Robin Peek takes a look at recent events and SPARC initiatives and suggests that all the pieces might now be in place to change the system of scholarly journal publishing. Page 38

Internet Publishing Announcements
Library Systems Today

The Systems Librarian
The Benefits of Library Partnerships
Marshall Breeding describes how libraries can form resource-sharing cooperatives to expand their material and reduce operating costs. Page 42

Library Systems Announcements
  • Calendar Page 47
  • Book Review

  • Web-Based Instruction: A Guide for Libraries,
    by Susan Sharpless Smith, reviewed by Gwen M. Gregory Page 49
  • InfoToons, by Gib Robbie Page 49
  • People Line Page 55
Special Advertising Sections
  • Bookshelf Page 52-53
  • Information Today Directory of Services & Sources Page 57
    Online Internet CD/DVD Library Systems
  • Index to Advertisers
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