Information Today
Volume 19, Issue 2 — February 2002
Information Today
Volume 19, Issue 2 — February 2002
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IT Feature
Paying the Price for Security[Full Text]
Although digital information offers many advantages, there is a growing concern about ways to effectively protect it against viruses, hackers, and unauthorized use.
by Richard Poynder — Page 1

IT Interview
Ghost in a Bottle[Full Text]
In an interview at the recent Online Information conference, Elsevier Science chairman Derk Haank discusses his company's response to the Public Library of Science initiative.
by Dick Kaser — Page 1

Northern Light to Discontinue Its Free Public Web Search[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 1

xrefer Launches xreferplus Digital Reference Service for Libraries[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 3

LexisNexis Partners with WhizBang! to Automate Its Directory Updates[Full Text]
by Richard W. Wiggins — Page 14

More Ups and Downs Announced in Dialog Pricing[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 17

BioMed Central Begins Charging Authors and Their Institutions for Article Publishing[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 37
Online Columns & News

Quint’s Online
The Return of the Reference Interview[Full Text]
Barbara Quint discusses Web search interfaces and says that they would benefit by implementing more user-oriented procedures.— Page 8

Database Review
Self-Lawyering with[Full Text]
Mick O'Leary profiles, a site that provides informative, everyday-language legal content for the layperson.— Page 12

Legal Issues
The Diminishing Fair Use Doctrine
George H. Pike examines how the fair use doctrine has become increasingly challenged and weakened by congressional acts—such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act—and the changing nature of intellectual property formats and technologies. — Page 15

Hiring Line
In This Economy, Does Reality Really Bite?
Richard Ream takes a look at the unpredictable economic situation and offers some tips to both workers and employers about how to keep their heads above water. — Page 16

Company Announcements
Internet Today

Internet Waves
Spam I Am!—The Proliferation of Junk E-Mail[Full Text]
Shirley Kennedy talks about the increase of unwanted, nuisance e-mail and offers some tips on how to combat it.— Page 20

Internet Insights
Document-Summarization Software
Péter Jacsó lists several free or inexpensive programs that make easier the process of automating the creation of document summaries.— Page 22

Internet Announcements

Internet Publishing Today

Focus on Publishing
The Future of the Public Library of Science
The PLoS petition to initiate a boycott generated signatures and a debate but didn't move many publishers to change their policies. Robin Peek discusses the current scholarly publishing situation and asks if it's time for scholars to pay for publication.— Page 28

Internet Publishing Announcements
Library Systems Today

The Systems Librarian
SIRSI Announces the Demise of Taos
Marshall Breeding charts the rise and fall of Taos, Data Research Associates' library automation system, and explains why its new owner, SIRSI, decided to discontinue it.— Page 32

Library Systems Announcements
  • Calendar — Page 37
  • Book Review

  • International Business Information on the Web: Searcher Magazine's Guide to Sites and Strategies for Global Business Research,
    by Sheri R. Lanza, reviewed by Gwen M. Gregory — Page 39
  • People Line — Page 43
Special Advertising Sections
  • Bookshelf — Pages 40-41
  • Classified Today — Page 44
  • Index to Advertisers
  • Information Today Directory of Services & Sources — Page 45

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