Information Today
Volume 18, Issue 2 — February 2001
Information Today
Volume 18, Issue 2 — February 2001
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IT Interview
Questia Provides Digital Library, Research Tools[Full Text]
Company founder, president, and CEO Troy Williams discusses the details of Questia's new research service, which provides access to about 50,000 digitized books.
by Paula J. Hane — Page 1

IT Report from the Field
Online Information 2000[Full Text]
This large, well-attended conference, held December 5­7 in London, offered visitors a thorough overview of the information industry.
by Donald T. Hawkins — Page 1

Bell & Howell Announces ProQuest Historical Newspapers Project[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 1

FIZ Karlsruhe and TIB Hannover to Launch GetInfo Search Engine[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 3

Information Today, Inc. Rebrands Its Premier Conference[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 8

Online Columns & News

Quint’s Online
Blazing Some New Advertising Trails[Full Text]
Barbara Quint discusses why traditional online services should carry advertising and lists ways in which it can be done effectively—without alienating users. — Page 12

Database Review
Info Tech Sites Shape E-Book Model
Mick O'Leary looks at ITKnowledge,, and and details how these three sites are leading the way in establishing a model for e-book distribution. — Page 15

Company Announcements
Internet Today

Internet Insights
Dialogue About a New Dialog
Péter Jacsó notes that The Dialog Corporation has been up and down several times in recent years, but speculates that there may be hope—in the form of its new president and CEO, Roy M. Martin Jr. — Page 22

Internet Announcements
Internet Publishing Today
Focus on Publishing
A Renewed Battle for the Desktop
Robin Peek examines the next round of Internet push technologies that provide new approaches to the way information is sliced and pushed to our desktops. — Page 30

News Commentary
E-Publishing Competition Heats Up[Full Text]
Paula J. Hane reports on how recent developments in the electronic publishing arena have put the squeeze on traditional publishers. — Page 32

Internet Publishing Announcements

CD/DVD Today
CD/DVD Announcements
Library Systems Today

The Systems Librarian
A Prescription for Computer Health[Full Text]
Marshall Breeding explains how computer viruses work and offers a multilayer network plan to help protect against them. — Page 38

Library Systems Announcements
  • CalendarPage 43
  • Book Review

  • Find It Fast: How to Uncover Expert Information on Any Subject Online or in Print
    by Robert I. Berkman; reviewed by Gwen Gregory — Page 45
  • People Line — Page 49
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