Computers in Libraries
Vol. 20, No. 3 • March 2000

OCLC Invites Libraries to Help Build the Cooperative Online Resource Catalog
OCLC has announced that it is inviting libraries to participate in and contribute to the development of the OCLC Cooperative Online Resource Catalog (CORC), an international effort to organize and facilitate access to electronic information resources on the Web. CORC is a collaborative effort to create a high-quality, library-selected database of Web resource descriptions modeled after the creation of WorldCat.

During this development phase, participating libraries will use the system to create records and provide feedback to OCLC to enhance the design of the service. CORC will provide participating libraries with a quality database of information-rich electronic resources available on the Web and will enable libraries to become the portal of choice to the Web. OCLC and CORC participants will continue to develop the system until CORC’s release as a new service, which is planned for later this year.

Source: OCLC, Dublin, OH, 800/848-5878, 614/764-6000;

Ovid Technologies Releases OpenLinks Toolkit and Books@Ovid Content Products
Ovid Technologies, Inc. has announced a new software product, the Ovid OpenLinks Toolkit, to enhance the value of its bibliographic database subscriptions. The Ovid OpenLinks Toolkit enables customers to integrate Ovid and non-Ovid resources by creating links from Ovid bibliographic database records to specific journal articles on publisher Web sites. To simplify the link-creation process for customers, Ovid has teamed up with several top scientific publishers to offer pre-configured link definitions for their full-text articles. Link definitions for Academic Press (IDEAL), the American Institute of Physics, Catchword, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Springer-Verlag, and others can be included in the product at time of purchase. Customers may also negotiate external full-text subscriptions, access, and pricing directly with publishers and use the Toolkit to define their own links from Ovid bibliographic database records to the full-text journal articles at publisher sites.

In other news from Ovid, the company has announced Books@Ovid. With a focus on medical, nursing, and drug-related content, Books@Ovid is a database containing electronic versions of important reference textbooks from multiple publishers, all aggregated and integrated under a single search engine and interface developed specifically to search, retrieve, browse, and display book content. So far, Books@Ovid features 14 titles from two publishers: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and McGraw-Hill. The company says it expects the database to grow substantially in the coming months, with the addition of dozens more text reference titles from these and other publishers.

Source: Ovid Technologies, Inc., New York, 800/950-2035, 212/563-3006; Fax: 212/563-3784;

epixtech Announces Its New ASP Offering
epixtech, inc., formerly Ameritech Library Services, has announced the availability of its Application Service Provider (ASP) offering for library automation. This new service uses secured connections over the Internet to deliver its automation software to libraries.

According to the announcement, epixtech is the first library automation vendor to provide an ASP. The ASP solution provides an alternative to the traditional structure where libraries own and manage their locally installed servers. The competitively priced ASP solution offers libraries access to the latest technology with no initial capital expenditures or maintenance costs for application software and server hardware, with just a simple annual user fee. In the ASP setting, the automation software is accessed through a Web browser, but it has the same look and feel as it would on a local server, and it responds in the same fashion. Library staff may profile and modify parameters based on the library’s requirements.

Source: epixtech, inc., Provo, UT, 800/288-8020; Fax: 801/223-5202;

Follett’s New Union Catalog Plus Allows School Districts to Share Their Resources
Follett Software Co. has announced that school districts can easily share library resources and electronic records among their schools with its newest Union Catalog Plus v4.0 for Windows. Union Catalog Plus connects multiple libraries together electronically.

Union Catalog Plus can be adapted to meet individual district needs. It allows them to process and catalog materials at the district level, individual site level, or at both district and site levels simultaneously. It also enables districts to determine how MARC data will flow throughout the district, even varying by site. Some new features available include automated data exchange, local tag preservation, and on-demand data sharing.

Source: Follett Software Co., McHenry, IL, 800/323-3397, 815/344-8700;

Endeavor Joins with Clio Software for ILL
Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. has announced a joint partnership with Clio Software to integrate Clio, the interlibrary loan (ILL) and document fulfillment management system, into its Voyager library management series.

According to the announcement, the partnership will offer completely integrated library information management and ILL capabilities, beginning with this summer’s Voyager 2000 release. Clio’s ILL capabilities will be tightly integrated into Voyager’s OPAC and circulation modules. Clio provides structured e-mail requests, full tracking, and links to OCLC and Prism ILL, as well as DOCLINE support.

Source: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc., Des Plaines, IL, 800/762-6300, 847/296-2200;

Chancery to Include Library of the Future MARC Records in Library Pro 2
Chancery Software, Ltd. has announced that it is including Library of the Future MARC records and digital data as part of Library Pro 2, Chancery’s library management software, starting this spring. Library of the Future will also be offered to existing Library Pro 2 customers.

Library of the Future contains the full text of more than 5,000 books, stories, poems, plays, children’s classics, historical and religious documents, and scientific works—all in digital format. These resources will be cataloged as MARC records and launched directly from Chancery’s Library Pro 2 system. Library of the Future is searchable by title, author, era, century, genre, and other categories.

Chancery says it will offer Library of the Future free to all new Library Pro 2 Gold customers through July 2000.

Source: Chancery Software, Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada, 800/999-9931, 604/294-1233;

Sea Change Corp. Releases WebClarity
Sea Change Corp. has announced WebClarity, its new Web gateway to information databases. It allows any Web browser to access any Internet-based information database that supports the popular Z39.50 access standard. WebClarity’s features allow any organization to provide seamless searching of multiple large databases or virtual union catalogs.

WebClarity runs on the Windows NT environment, and features the same user interface and search capabilities as the company’s BookWhere product. WebClarity servers can easily be configured to reflect the user’s specific environment and access requirements.

WebClarity will be sold through Sea Change Corp.’s international network of library automation and research tool resellers.

Source: Sea Change Corp., Mississauga, ON, Canada, 905/542-9484; Fax: 905/542-9479;

JVC Division Announces Its New Name
JVC Professional Computer Products Division has announced that effective immediately, the company will be known as JVC Digital Storage Systems (DS2) to better reflect the range of digital storage products it will offer this year.

The company’s current product line includes CD and DVD library systems and the E-Mail Archiving Solution, which archives, sorts, and allows for search/retrieval of e-mail messages. JVC Digital Storage Systems says it will add a new line of digital storage-related products, systems, and solutions using CD/DVD library technology early this year. In addition, the company says it will soon announce plans to enhance its existing jukebox line by bundling software offered by its strategic partners.

Source: JVC Digital Storage Systems, Cypress, CA, 714/816-6500; Fax: 714/816-6519;

Elsevier Enhances the EMBASE Database
Elsevier Science, Secondary Publishing Division has announced several enhancements to its EMBASE database. According to the company, all changes are designed to increase the value and ease of use of the database and related services.

EMBASE records are now processed in less than 10 working days on average. Elsevier says that more than 400,000 records will be added to EMBASE this year, for a total of more than 8 million. Also, approximately 225 new journals will be added to the EMBASE journal collection.

In addition, Elsevier says that EMBASE users within the pharmaceutical industry have frequently requested that drug names link to the routes of drug administration in indexing. In response, EMBASE has expanded its current list of 17 drug links with the addition of 47 new drug links focusing on “Routes of Drug Administration.” These new links will be used whenever the appropriate concept is mentioned in the original document.

Source: Elsevier Science, Secondary Publishing Division, New York, 212/633-3980; Fax: 212/633-3975;

ALA Looks Ahead to the Next 5 Years
The American Library Association (ALA) presented a new 5-year strategic plan at the Midwinter Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Called ALAction 2005, the plan will build on the success of Goal 2000 and address new issues and concerns raised by ALA members.

The goals include implementing a national, ongoing public awareness campaign to tell the library story; creating and implementing an equity agenda to assure access to information; utilizing technology to make continuing education and training available to ALA members at the desktop; and refashioning ALA as a digital association—more accessible, available, and helpful to members wherever they are.

ALA president Sarah Ann Long said she hopes that the plan will be ongoing and highly collaborative, bringing together all parts of the association to achieve these results. Copies of the plan are at

Source: American Library Association, Chicago, 800/545-2433; Fax: 312/944-8520;


ISI and BIOSIS to Produce a Version of BIOSIS Previews for ISI’s Web of Science
The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) and BIOSIS have announced that they will jointly produce a Web-based version of BIOSIS Previews for the ISI Web of Science. The new product, targeted for release this month, will provide subscribers to both products with the ability to link between database records and the full-text documents from the Web of Science via ISI Links.

Currently, 3.2 million record links are available between the Web of Science and the full-text documents of journal articles and other databases. Updated weekly, the new product will offer access to 5 years of data, which will initially cover the period from 1995 through 2000. The Web of Science, known for its intuitive navigational and retrieval features, provides a new platform for BIOSIS Previews, a database acknowledged for its comprehensive life science abstracting and indexing features, according to the announcement.

Source: Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia, 800/336-4474, 215/386-0100; Fax: 215/386-2911;

EBSCO Strikes Deals for New Content
EBSCO Subscription Services has announced that content from several publishers is now available via EBSCO Online.

Full-text electronic access is now available to Current History, Inc. journals. The oldest U.S. publication devoted exclusively to world affairs, Current History was founded by The New York Times in 1914 to provide detailed coverage of what was then known as the Great War. Past contributors have included George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, and Henry Steele Commager.

European scientific publisher EDP Sciences will provide access to the full text of 19 of its electronic journals. EDP Sciences was established in 1920, and is now one of the main French publishers in the fields of astronomy, physics, mathematics, and life sciences. The collection includes The European Physical Journal B&D.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates is bringing its 65 electronic journals to users’ desktops. A leading international publisher and distributor of books, journals, software, and alternative media, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. has served the academic and professional communities for more than 20 years.

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) and EBSCO have partnered to provide end-users with access to full-text journals, and Web access to e-journal full text from scientific publisher Munksgaard is now available on EBSCO Online.

The Nature Publishing Group will mount the full text of 38 of its electronic journals for searching and access. The group publishes a range of high-quality specialist journals in biomedicine (formerly published under the imprint of Stockton Press), including Oncogene, the leading journal in cancer research.

Source: EBSCO Subscription Services, Birmingham, AL, 205/991-1368;


Two Research-Related Titles from the U.K.
Bernan Essential Reference Publications, the exclusive distributor for London-based Library Association Publishing, has announced the release of two paperbacks related to the research process.

How To Do Research: The Complete Guide to Designing and Managing Research Projects (ISBN: 1-85604-358-4, $35), by Nick Moore, is in its third edition. It aims to provide practical help and guidance to anyone who’s undertaking a research project, so it’s more a training tool for end-users than a tome for librarians. Part One starts with a discussion about developing research objectives, then moves through structuring proposals, drawing conclusions, and disseminating results. Part Two is all about research methods and data analysis. The publisher says the book is geared toward students doing dissertations and other research projects, and could also be used as an introductory text for courses on research methods in the social sciences.

The Online Searcher’s Companion (ISBN: 1-85604-293-6, $45) is co-authored by William H. Forrester (head of development) and Jane L. Rowlands (sub-librarian), both of the British Medical Association Library. The publisher calls it a “self-development text” that a novice online searcher can use to learn about searching online sources efficiently. It’s geared not only for information professionals but also for academics or other professionals who want to learn to search for themselves. Covering both electronic databases and the Internet, the Companion explains basic search tools and tenets, and guides readers through the steps of a successful search process.

Source: Bernan Essential Reference Publications, Lanham, MD, 301/459-2255; Fax: 301/459-0056;

O’Reilly Publishes an Updated Edition of Flanagan’s Book Java in a Nutshell
O’Reilly & Associates has announced the arrival of a new edition of one of its all-time bestsellers, Java in a Nutshell by David Flanagan (ISBN: 1-56592-487-8, $29.95). This third edition covers Java 1.2 and 1.3 and all the classes and interfaces in the following APIs: java.lang,, java.beans, java.math,,, java.text, java.util, and javax.crypto. If you have an older edition of Java in a Nutshell, O’Reilly will give you a 25-percent discount on the purchase of the newer edition. To receive the discount, write the discounted price on the order form and send in the title page from the older edition (no photocopies).

Source: O’Reilly & Associates, Sebastopol, CA, 800/998-9938, 707/829-0515; Fax: 707/829-0104;

ALA Offers Books on Bytes and the Net
Two of the latest paperback offerings from ALA Editions, the publishing portion of the American Library Association, are Books, Bytes, and Bridges and The Amazing Internet Challenge.

Books, Bytes, and Bridges: Libraries and Computer Centers in Academic Institutions (ISBN: 0-8389-0771-7, $48/$43.20 for ALA members) was written by scholars from various institutions and edited by Larry Hardesty. The book explores strategies for partnerships between academic libraries and computer centers. It contains real-life stories and models for good relationships in its 20 chapters.

The Amazing Internet Challenge: How Leading Projects Use Library Skills to Organize the Web (ISBN: 0-8389-0776-0, $45/$40.50 for ALA members) aims to help librarians who take on the task of organizing Web information and creating Web indexes. It discusses some top international projects and digital libraries, offering models for many types and sizes of libraries.

Source: ALA Editions, Chicago, 800/545-2433; Fax: 312/836-9958;

New KM Title from ITI and ASIS Published
Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has released the latest book from the American Society for Information Science (ASIS) monograph series. Knowledge Management for the Information Professional (ISBN: 1-57387-079-X, $44.50) was edited by T. Kanti Srikantaiah and Michael E. D. Koenig. This hardback examines how the business community has recently embraced the concept of knowledge management and traces the field’s complex and rapid evolution.

The book includes contributions from more than 30 leading KM practitioners, academicians, and information professionals. Its emphasis is on the cultural aspects of KM implementation.

The volume is aimed at students of library science, teachers of business courses, librarians, and researchers who need to know how to manage corporate knowledge assets.

Source: Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, 609/654-6266; Fax: 609/654-4309;


Sirsi Introduces Its Digital Media Archive
Sirsi Corp. has introduced a new digital media archive package called Hyperion 2000. According to the announcement, this new version of Sirsi’s Hyperion Digital Media Archive provides all the basics a library needs to mount an online digital media archive, including essential software, both client and server; complete configuration and installation services; a 3-day implementation and planning seminar; a 3-day training workshop; and complimentary hardware configuration assistance for integrating scanners, servers, clients, and data storage devices.

With this package, libraries can provide online access to a variety of material in digital format, such as historical and technical documents; newspapers and newsletters; audio, video, and multimedia items; and images of photographs, artworks, and other important resource materials.

Source: Sirsi Corp., Huntsville, AL, 256/704-7000; Fax: 256/704-7007;

SurfSaver 2.0 Offers Some New Features
askSam Systems has announced that it has released SurfSaver 2.0, an updated version of its browser add-on. SurfSaver allows users to store Web pages directly from their browsers into searchable folders, which are saved on the computer’s hard drive.

According to the announcement, SurfSaver 2.0 simplifies gathering information from the Web and turning it into a searchable database on your PC. A new feature lets you save selected links (or an entire page) and all linked pages. You can download multiple levels of a site and browse or search the site off-line. You can also organize your information using Filing Cabinet and Folder features.

Version 2.0 is available as a free download. A professional version, SurfSaver Pro, adds the ability to share SurfSaver folders in a network. SurfSaver Pro does not contain advertising, and costs $29.95 per user.

Source: askSam Systems, Perry, FL, 800/800-1997, 850/584-6590;


ingenta Has Merged with UnCover; Creates Several New Online Services
ingenta, a global research gateway, has announced that it has merged with UnCover, an article access and document delivery provider to the U.S. academic market. Under the terms of the agreement, ingenta has purchased 100 percent of UnCover’s issued stock, and Ward Shaw, chairman of UnCover, will join ingenta’s board.

The merger gives 1 million librarians and researchers using UnCover’s free table of contents database each month access to the full text of 750,000 articles from over 2,300 journals within ingenta’s access-controlled article delivery system. Articles are available for free to existing subscribers of the e-journal, or on a pay-per-view basis where publishers permit, and users will be able to choose between paper and electronic delivery. ingenta users will also be able to search UnCover’s database of over 8 million article citations from 18,000 titles, linked to full text in ingentaJournals.

In addition, ingenta announced new online services for the U.S. research community. ingenta’s new online services include the new EasyLink feature, which allows librarians to create title-level links from their library Web pages to online journals; an enhanced version of MEDLINE with links to over 750,000 full-text articles in the ingentaJournals database; and simple, online registration, which enables researchers to gain free access to bibliographic information for over 2,300 e-journals from over 30 top academic and professional publishers.

Source: ingenta, inc., Cambridge, MA, 617/576-5815; Fax: 617/576-5816;

ITI Acquires Knowledge Asset Media
Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has announced that it has acquired Knowledge Asset Media (KAM), which includes KMWorld magazine, the Web site, and the KMWorld Conference and Exposition (September 13-15, 2000 in Santa Clara, California) and related assets from Bill Communications of New York. These KAM properties address the emerging information technology and business practices sector known as knowledge management (KM).

The 90,000-circulation KMWorld magazine, which serves senior business and information systems executives who are in the forefront of the KM movement, will continue to originate in Camden, Maine, but will be managed by ITI.

Source: Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, 609/654-6266; Fax: 609/654-4309;

Sagebrush and Winnebago Merge Forces
Sagebrush Corp. and Winnebago Software Co. have announced that they have completed a merger of their privately held companies. The combined company will operate as Sagebrush Corp. with headquarters in Burnsville, Minnesota.

In the library automation market, Sagebrush Corp. will continue to offer all of the products that were sold separately by Winnebago and Sagebrush, and each group of sales representatives will continue selling the products it has been selling. Winnebago Spectrum and Sagebrush’s Athena will continue to be sold, and prior-generation Winnebago and Sagebrush products will continue to be fully supported.

The company plans to keep all current Sagebrush and Winnebago locations. Sagebrush locations are in Burnsville, Minnesota; Austin, Texas; Topeka, Kansas; and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Winnebago locations are in Caledonia, Minnesota, and Onalaska (LaCrosse), Wisconsin.

Source: Sagebrush Corp., Burnsville, MN, 888/753-7243, 612/890-5484;


Knowledge Quest Expands onto the Web
The American Library Association (ALA) has announced that the November/December 1999 issue of Knowledge Quest, the journal of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), is the first to be available via the Internet. Knowledge Quest on the Web (KQWeb; includes five “KQWeb Extra” Web-only items that support one feature article and two columns published in the November/December 1999 issue. Each Web-only item is referenced within the associated print feature article or column, directing the reader to the additional online content. Abstracts for the issue’s three feature articles are also available online.

ALA says that while the five KQWeb Extra items in the current issue are only a small step toward adding value to the print edition, the editors will be working to provide a Web-based “package” of links, resources, and sidebar information for most feature articles and columns in future issues.

Source: American Library Association, Chicago, 800/545-2433; Fax: 312/944-8520;

Columbia Earthscape Is Launched Online
Columbia University and Columbia University Press have announced the launch of Columbia Earthscape, a multimedia resource in the earth sciences designed for scientists and laymen alike. The site ( is now available for subscription. Described by Columbia as one-stop shopping in the field of earth science, Columbia Earthscape contains current research, breaking news, policy debates, and curriculum models for earth science teachers on a wide range of topics, such as climate change, oceanography, geology, and environmental resources. The site contains over 70,000 full-text books, video clips, current journal articles, lectures and seminars, conferences, policy papers and commentary, maps and models, searchable databases, links to a variety of resources (Columbia, NASA, MIT, the American Museum of Natural History, and ABC News), and live Webcast features.

A quarterly online magazine, Earth Affairs, offers a forum for scientists to exchange opinions and ideas. The site offers breaking news to engage the general public and information in the earth sciences for students.

Source: Columbia University, New York, 212/854-5573;

ALA Announces Online Copyright Tutorial
The American Library Association (ALA) has announced that the Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) is offering a newly revised and updated Online Copyright Tutorial. The tutorial consists of approximately 35 copyright lessons delivered via e-mail to subscribers. Each message will address a specific copyright issue such as fair use, interlibrary loan, library photocopying, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

According to the announcement, the messages are brief (two to three screens of information), interesting, and relevant to the work of libraries. The tutorial will run through the week of May 5. Subscribers can expect to receive two to three messages each week.

ALA members can receive the Online Copyright Tutorial by subscribing to the list. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to Leave the subject blank. In the body of the text, type: subscribe tutorial <yourfirstname yourlastname>. Non-ALA members may participate by sending a $25 check or purchase order with their names and e-mail addresses to the American Library Association, Office for Information Technology Policy, 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 403, Washington, DC 20004-1702.

Source: American Library Association, Chicago, 800/545-2433; Fax: 312/944-8520;

Bowker, Micromedia Offer Books In Print with Book Reviews—Canadian Edition
R.R. Bowker and Micromedia, Ltd. have announced the availability of Books In Print with Book Reviews–Canadian Edition on the Web from Micromedia.

Books In Print with Book Reviews–Canadian Edition provides instant access to over 1.7 million active titles, including 70,000 records available only in Canada. Book records are enhanced with 200,000 descriptive annotations and 350,000 full-text reviews. Also included are all U.S. and U.K. titles distributed in Canada. According to the announcement, Books In Print with Book Reviews–Canadian Edition is the only source that provides complete publisher information for 69,000 publishers and distributors, including 2,600 major Canadian book and audio distributors.

Source: R.R. Bowker, New Providence, NJ, 888/926-9537; Unlocks Academic Web Sites has announced the launch of, a new Internet search engine devoted to university education-related Web sites. According to the announcement, applies new search engine technology, including better results ranking and page caching, to an extensive index of over 20 million pages of academic materials from universities, schools, and libraries. lists the most popular results first. For each hit, the results include excerpts from the target page showing all the search words in context. also eliminates the problem of broken links and unavailable Web servers, because it saves a copy of every page it indexes. provides convenient access to other reference tools, including dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, and biographies directly from the home page.

Source:, Kirkland, WA, 425/820-7843; Fax: 208/730-2205;


LEXIS Publishing Announces Medical Expediter CD-ROM from Matthew Bender
LEXIS Publishing has announced the addition of the Matthew Bender Medical Expediter to the Authority Personal Injury Law Library CD-ROM. This electronic research tool allows the practitioner to quickly pinpoint relevant medical information about injuries, disorders, and diseases of the human body. The CD includes medical and diagnostic tests to help determine the prognosis and the AMA Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

The new Medical Expediter is designed to work like most Web pages and allows lawyers, law librarians, paralegals, and law students to navigate through three primary screens. The Human Body screen shows parts and systems of the human body with hypertext entry tunnels to related injuries and disorders. The Injuries and Disorders screen provides an alphabetical listing of medical conditions. The Connections screen offers brief medical evaluation of a particular trauma as well as hyperlinks to other resources.

The CD is suitable for network installation, is compatible with Windows applications, and is designed to take maximum advantage of the industry-standard FOLIO search engine.

Source: LEXIS Publishing, New York, 800/223-1940;

MediaFORM Introduces cdDIRECTOR
MediaFORM has announced its new cdDIRECTOR, its advanced network-enabled disc-on-demand CD-R production system. According to MediaFORM’s director of manufacturing and technical services, “The cdDIRECTOR is a fully automated network attached CD imaging, mastering, and duplication system with in-line color printing and remote client access.”

The cdDIRECTOR comes with a complete software set that allows the user to design the CD artwork for direct-to-CD in-line printing, CD mastering, and job maintenance. While no other software is needed, the cdDIRECTOR’s package provides an API for customization for those who want to integrate cdDIRECTOR into their own applications.
Each cdDIRECTOR is equipped with six 8x CD-Recorders, capable of running as many as six different jobs at a time. Multiple users on a network can utilize cdDIRECTOR to generate CDs, and cross-platform client support is provided.

Source: MediaFORM, Exton, PA, 800/220-1215, 610/458-9200;

Microtech Enhances CD-R Product Line
Microtech Systems has announced that it has enhanced throughput and has cut handling time on its ImageAutomator CD-R production systems through a simplified user interface and the addition of an asynchronous duplication mode of operation. Called ImageMaker EZ, the new software release accounts for as much as an 80-percent increase in production speed, depending on the number of drives in the system.

Featuring a format similar to a common Web browser, the new, fully Windows-compliant ImageMaker EZ makes the production of CD-Rs a more straightforward process. Choose between CD-to-CD copying, mastering an image to the hard drive for later copying, or making copies from a hard drive. A dialogue box at the bottom of the window displays system status and shows which jobs are in the queue. Multiple sessions may operate simultaneously and feed into the ImageAutomator console where Microtech’s CD-Remote application automatically receives instructions and initiates the production process.

Source: Microtech Systems, Belmont, CA, 800/223-3693, 650/596-1900;

Discmatic Releases New Tigereye Series
Discmatic has announced its new Tigereye series of CD duplicators, which are stand-alone tower models. The Tigereye 800 is an eight-drive model featuring a user-friendly controller for fast, reliable operation. It can produce up to 48 full CDs per hour. The Tigereye 1600 combines the 800 model with an eight-drive slave unit, so up to 16 CDs can be copied at one time, or up to 96 full CDs per hour. Both towers support the simultaneous use of CD-R/RW drives from different manufacturers. In addition, each tower has a dedicated CD-ROM drive bay.

According to the company, the core logic for both units is stored on an advanced flash ROM rather than the PC components and operating systems that can cause reliability problems in some duplicators. In addition, the internal firmware can be easily upgraded via a firmware CD or by downloading the firmware file from the Discmatic Web site.

The Tigereye series supports all major CD formats, and features a 6-GB internal hard drive.

Source: Discmatic, Commack, NY, 800/422-6707, 516/864-9700;

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