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SLA 2002
Jill Ann Hurst reviews this year's annual Special Libraries conference, themed "Putting Knowledge to Work," highlighting what was hot (besides Los Angeles in June!) in the sessions and on the exhibit floor, while also examining the Association's ongoing "branding" debate.
Page 14
MLA 2002
Meanwhile, at the Medical Library Association's annual meeting, this year in Dallas, Chris Dobson discovered that "Big D" stands for digital document delivery, as sci-tech and medical database services scramble to get up to speed.
Page 24
Our Environment: General Sources [Full Text]
Part I of this Barbie Keiser series will offer the best sources of information, including portals and links, for a variety of topics, from air and water resource data, to recycling and remediation programs, and health-related issues, for environment-focused researchers
Page 28
Company Directories: Past, Present, and Future
What used to be a simple procedure—enter library, go to shelf, take out heavy directory, open it up—now has more complicated options. Marsha Fulton, Denise Rabogliatti, and Jan Rivers look at how electronic formats and the World Wide Web have changed how users expect to retrieve and receive company information.
Page 39
Doing It Right:
How Some Universities Encourage the Creation of Prime Research Web Sites [Full Text]
Marylaine Block educates searchers on the growing number of top-notch Web sites being produced and maintained by universities and university libraries.
Page 42
Tales of a Searcher's Life: A Comedy of Errors or a Test of Patience?
Amelia Kassel shares her frustration stemming from a combination of poor service, misinformation, and inconsistent data at the hands of two well-known industry vendors.
Page 48
The Past in Your Pocket: Digital Heritage Print Collections in Canada and Abroad
David Mattison maps out the digital library landscape in Europe and Canada, primarily looking at the content of complete works created by or in conjunction with libraries.
Page 54
A Searcher Abroad
Wallace Koehler points out access and safety problems searchers may encounter while visiting foreign ports of call.
Page 66
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
As the dog days of summer wind down, bq reminds all info pros that their collective role as information watchdog is a job, nay, an obligation, for all seasons.
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Web Wise Ways
Marsha Fulton takes over the reins of this column by testing five healthcare sites to see how well each stacks up against her list of criteria.
Page 10
Emmerce [Full Text]
Tara Calishain checks out the new URL inclusion programs, the latest revenue-generating stream being offered by such search engines as Inktomi, AltaVista, Yahoo!, and Ask Jeeves.
Page 70
Tools of the Trade
Want to put an end to annoying, invasive, ubiquitous Internet ads? So does Sheri Lanza, who shares her level of success with several software programs designed to wipe out pop-ups.
Page 74
Find the postal and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the companies, products, and people mentioned in this issue.
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