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Competia Symposium 2001:
A Strategically Competitive and Intelligent Choice [Full Text]
Josh Duberman reviews this new conference and tells why info pros should definitely check it out the next go-round.
Page 26
What Online Searchers Do for Fun: The Fine Art of Procrastination [Full Text]
Deadlines, shmeadlines! If you're Mary Ellen Mort, when the pressure's on, it's time to go to pieces—puzzle pieces, that is!
Page 33
The Science and Art of Online Research in the Fine Arts [Full Text]
Mary Colette Wallace illustrates her approach to online art research through well-defined "connection questions" viewed from both the client and the resource standpoints.
Page 36
SLA 2001: An Information Odyssey
Miss SLA this year? Never fear, Jill Ann Hurst sums up the best of the conference sessions and speakers and gives a quick tour of the humongous Info-Expo.
Page 46
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
Feeling a little windblown thanks to the endless reverberations from the Tasini ruling? Well, Carol Ebbinghouse's column will shed some light, but not one to be silent, bq also puts in her 2 cents' worth.
Page 6
Behind the Screen [Full Text]
Richard Wiggins looks at Microsoft's Windows XP Smart Tags feature to see if Bill Gates' company is just trying to play Monopoly again or has created a helpful addition to the searcher's repertoire.
Page 10
Leading Libraries
Experienced conference attender and long-time SLA member Doris Helfer sings the praises of conference and association participation.
Page 20
The Sidebar
Need a map to uncover all the layers of the Tasini case and someone with the legal expertise to explain it all? Carol Ebbinghouse comes to the rescue with "The Supreme Court Has Spoken...Now What?"
Page 54
Web Wise Ways
As a registered member, Amelia Kassel relates her experiences with Researcha, the U.K.-based online community geared exclusively toward researchers.
Page 64
Internet Express
Where can you go to find the classics in literature that are public domain and online? Irene McDermott highlights the sites that offer a wide range of books, poems, plays, and the like, as well as those focusing on specific authors and their works.
Page 71
Green Oasis Environmental Updated.
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