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Information for Sale: My Experience with Google Answers [Full Text]
Jessamyn West becomes a Researcher for the new Google service and gets more or is that less? than she bargained for.
Page 14 
A Call to Action: What Every Searcher Should Know And Do About Domain Names, Standards, and Metadata
Wallace Koehler looks at ICANN, W3C, and other agencies involved in the murky realm of digital documentation management.
Page 22 
Patinformatics: Identifying Haystacks from Space [Full Text]
Anthony Trippe focuses on the field of patent information analysis and how trends and relationships are being more clearly defined through evolving tools, resources, and Web sites.
Page 28 
Specialized Search Engine FAQs [Full Text]
Gary Price gets specific and highlights the specialized resources offered by three major search engines: Google, AllTheWeb, and AltaVista.
Page 42 
Right Brain, Left Brain: The Home Offices of Design and Information Professionals [Full Text]
Do you telecommute? Then you might find some inspiration and suggestions from Colette Wallace on how to turn your office into a more conducive work environment.
Page 48 
Content Analysis: An Opportunity for the Analytical Librarian
Mark Solomon shares what's new in the world of search technology and how the specialized skills of info professionals can help create new enterprise solutions in and out of the corporate world.
Page 62 
Cost Cutting Or Access Control: OMB Dismantling GPO? [Full Text]
Miriam Drake takes to task the OMB's plan to decentralize government printing and explains why its proposal to save money could prove very costly.
Page 65 
Beyond the Spider: The Accidental Thesaurus [Full Text]
That robotic spiders can be powerful and accurate is a given. What Richard Wiggins wants to know is if spider software can be fine-tuned to find only the very best hits for the most frequently performed searches.
Page 68 
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
With people awash in a flood of information, bq ponders the critical state of the generalist information professional.
Page 6 
Internet Express
Irene McDermott, confessed "serial clicker," helps serials librarians decide if the new portal from Ulrich's can help keep their patrons supplied with journals and magazines.
Page 8 
Tools of the Trade
Dave Rensberger attempts to "ease on down the upgrade road" with Microsoft's Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Wheel Mouse Model R05-00001.
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Find the postal and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the companies, products, and people mentioned in this issue. 
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