Searcher  Volume 8, Number 9 
October 2000


The “R” Technology Revolution: Relationships, Research, Revenue [Full Text]
Steve Arnold and Michael Colson present an in-depth look at the “relationship” aspect of Web and intranet searching. Through multiple examples, the article shows how a different kind of revolution is emerging in which people, not machines, are the connecting force in both current and future search technologies. [Page 36]

Preprint Servers: Pushing the Envelope of Electronic Scholarly Publishing [Full Text]
Nick Tomaiuolo and Joan Packer give an overview of the preprint movement, looking at its history, usage, and implementation on servers, as well as how peer review and traditional publishing fit into the e-print world. A preprint server checklist is also provided. [Page 53]

Content Is King: Channeling Content to Public Web Sites
Susan Funke takes a look at traditional content aggregators and the products and solutions being offered for public Web sites. Funke also addresses how current and future trends will impact content delivery methods. [Page 66]

Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
“The Broadband Challenge,” as bq sees it, is not merely learning the new technologies that will enable searching at near light-speed, but protecting patrons from bad content hiding in sheep’s clothing.  [Page 6]

Internet Express
Irene McDermott provides pointers on how to turn “ordinary” librarians into amazingly brilliant “Digital Grease Monkeys” who “dare to repair” basic computer problems. [Page 10]

The Sidebar
Carol Ebbinghouse puts legal and medical information available on the Web under the magnifying glass as part of her continuing series on “Dangerous Data Ahead.” [Page 18]

Leading Libraries
Doris Helfer takes a turn at evaluating e-books in libraries, sharing early experiences and reactions to this advancing technology. [Page 63]

Tools of the Trade
“Early Adaptor” Dave Rensberger argues the case for (or is that against?) grabbing the first version of software or hardware products, stepping as well into the new frontier of ASPs — application service providers. [Page 72]


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