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Biographies of Scientists: A Search Exercise in Futility?
Where can you go today for accurate bios of scientists? Bob Buntrock profiles some searching niches and also laments the "Balkanization" of information access.
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Saving the Information Profession, Google, and the World: The 15th Annual SCOUG Retreat [Full Text]
As Carol Ebbinghouse reports, when life, liberty, and the pursuit of information are at stake, it's the Southern California Online User Group to the rescue!
Page 28 
Value-Added Deliverables: Rungs on the Info Pro's Ladder to Success [Full Text]
What are the benefits of value-added deliverables? Amelia Kassel provides an in-depth look at how these enhancements aid the client and the researcher, supplying a variety of samples and templates to help illustrate the range of value-added options.
Page 42 
Our Environment, Part 2 [Full Text]
In her continuing series, Barbie Keiser helps you wade through the vast list of resources to find the best links for international organizations, governmental agencies, and NGOs that offer environmental law- and regulatory-related documentation, publications, research, statistics, and databases.
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Telecommunication Resources for the Professional
Tara Breton tells how to find quick and reliable telecom info for clients who need trend updates, the latest market share revenues, analyst opinions, and the like.
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Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
Is there ever a time when nice won't cut it in the information professional's world? Absolutely, says bq!
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Tools of the Trade
Attention all you closet WordPerfect users: Sheri Lanza "reveals" how to carry your WP tricks into the less-familiar Word system trade.
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Internet Express
Just in time for the holidays, Irene McDermott singles out some good sites for doing "armchair antiquing" when looking for hard-to-find collectibles.
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The Sidebar [Full Text]
Carol Ebbinghouse reviews the history of freeware and shareware and then moves into the still murky waters of today's attempts to "liberate" content through movements such as Copyleft and Open Source.
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Best Buys 
Before you make that hardware, software, or Internet service purchase, check out Best Buys.
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Find the postal and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the companies, products, and people mentioned in this issue.
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