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Economic Statistics and Forecasting Data via the Web: A Master List
Are you ready for the ultimate look at how to find business and economic data on the Web? Come with Barbie Keiser and take a guided tour of the best data warehouses and forecasting group that the Web has to offer. After helping readers to assess the types of information requirements that will be needed (i.e., does the data needed stay the same or vary with each project?), Barbie is off and running. A sampling of the sites visited include Global Insight, Inc., which is an offshoot of Data Resources and WEFA, Consensus Economics, Oxford Analytica, Economic Intelligence Unit, PRS, and World Markets Online. Barbie supplements her extensive review with six tables: Governments, Government Data, and NGOs; Associations, Organizations, Research Institutions, and Think Tanks; Economic Education and Academic Institutions, "Real" and Virtual; Commercial and Investment Banks and Bankers; Investing Plus!; and Measuring the New Economy.
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The 2001 SCOUG Retreat [Full Text]
"Winning the Future Together" was the theme of the 14th annual Southern California Online Users Group (SCOUG) retreat, held July 27-29 at the La Casa de Maria conference center in California. Long-time attendee Carol Ebbinghouse reports on how groups (searchers, vendors, database marketers, and the like) pooled resources to find out what skills are most needed to ensure success for all in the coming years.
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Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
Facing today's forever-changed world, bq recalls her Uncle Frank, who knew how to step up to meet responsibility head on courageously, and encourages all colleagues to now do the same.
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Tools of the Trade
Sheri Lanza, who has been a frequent contributor to Searcher, begins sharing this column with Dave Rensberger. With a goal to write about tools that make life easier for info pros, Sheri looks at two screen-capture programs: SnagIt and QuickBrowse.
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Web Wise Ways
Jill Ann Hurst pays a visit to Factiva.Com to see how the service lives up to the promises that were made in 1999 when Dow Jones and Reuters agreed to combine their respective interactive business offerings.
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Internet Express [Full Text]
Want to save money, thus avoiding the credit-card crisis that doesn't start the New Year off on a good note, but still give great gifts? Irene McDermott has the answer with a gaggle of holiday craft Web sites that will make you feel like a regular Martha Stewart and impress the ho ho ho out of friends and family.
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