Searcher  Volume 8, Number 10 
November/December 2000


NAICS Codes: A New Classification System for a New Economy
Suzanne Sabroski explains how the creation of the North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) will affect how searchers find new—and old—industry information. [Page 18]

Linking to Full Text in Scholarly Journals: Here a Link, There a Link, Everywhere a Link [Full Text]
Carol Tenopir and Jill Grogg delve into murky waters to help searchers locate the best journal link options amidst a sea of content providers. [Page 36]

The Future of the Past: History Sources on the Internet [Full Text]
Ken Fink reports that more and more archival information can be found, or at least tracked down to the nearest university or public library, via the Internet, a growing resource for historical research. [Page 46]

Healthcare Resources on the Internet: A Primer
From classic reference works to consumer-oriented titles, not to mention the mountains of healthcare sites continuously popping up on the Web, Eva Perkins helps searchers find the most reliable medical resources on the Internet. [Page 53]

Complexity of New Office Designs: Thinking Through Your Future Workplace [Full Text]
As Mary Colette Wallace shows, traditional office structure is being revamped as companies tackle 21st century technology challenges,  as well as addressing employee needs. [Page 58]

Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
What’s the bottom line? That bq is quite frankly fed up with the bottom line overruling information needs in the searching profession.  [Page 6]

Internet Express
Just in time for holiday shopping, Irene McDermott tells readers, be they hunters or gatherers, how to make their gift purchases “bot” bought. [Page 10]

Interview with Allen Paschal
In a series of interviews over the last several months, Allen Paschal, CEO of Thomson’s Gale Group, shares his thoughts on both the company’s new and more familiar products and services. [Page 32]

Tools of the Trade
The original (well, almost) “Gameboy” himself, Dave Rensberger, shares the “trade” secrets of buying a range of computer games. [Page 64]

Gary Price interviews Carole Leita, the “librarian’s librarian,” and the founder and developer of the Librarian’s Index to the Internet. [Page 69]


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