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Free to Fee[Full Text]
Barbie Keiser examines the reasons why some search engine producers have stopped offering services at no cost, looking at Web site economics, advertising, pay level logistics, and how some services have reached a happy medium between free and fee.
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Biotechnology Resources: A Beginner's Kit
Need to provide would-be investors with up-to-date, reliable information on biotechnology companies? Tara Breton highlights the best sites for staying on top of new products and technology breakthroughs within the fields of human and animal research.
Page 34
Images of History on the Web[Full Text]
The Internet isn't just a prime source for finding text. As David Mattison shows, the Web is bringing photographic archives to the forefront and offering a wide range of sources, many of which provide images that are in the public domain.
Page 47
LinkOut Is In
Jill Grogg and Christine Ferguson review LinkOut, PubMed's linking service that connects bibliographic and nonbibliographic data to corresponding full text.
Page 62
Meeting the New Challenges at West and LexisNexis: Post SIIA-Summit Interviews[Full Text]
After the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) summit in January, Linnea Christiani had the opportunity to talk with Michael Wilens, president of West Group, and Lisa Mitnick, LexisNexis senior vice president, Legal and Tax Solutions, about the future of these two information industry icons.
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Searcher's Voice[Full Text]
Does your institution's Web site leave users searching in the dark for contact information? Then bq wants to have a little chat with you!
Page 6
Tools of the Trade
Finding the chore of opening up one computer program while in another a "drag"? Sheri Lanza has good news for you, and it's called, of all things, DragStrip, a one-click access point for all of your computer programs, folders, files, and more.
Page 10
Internet Express
Want to do your own home repairs? Irene McDermott will "fix" you up with all the Web sites you'll ever need to tighten leaky faucets, get the dishwasher rinsing again, figure out how much paint you'll need for the dining room walls, and identify specialty tools required for tricky projects.
Page 73
Response from LexisNexis, Kudos for Carol, Delphion Rolodex Redux
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Find the postal and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the companies, products, and people mentioned in this issue.
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