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How a Search Engine Works [Full Text]
Elizabeth Liddy lifts up the hood, so to speak, of the typical search engine and explains what is involved, from the document and query processors, to the search and matching functions, pointing out how specific features can make a good match to a query.
Page 38
Playing Twenty Questions to Test Low-Cost, Free, 
or Subscription Databases for End-User Online Service [Full Text]
Using a variety of categories, such as free or subscription, and searches in the arts and humanities, social science, and science, Nicholas Tomaiuolo tests and assesses six databases, including FindArticles, XanEdu, and InfoTrac.
Page 46
Doing Business with the Federal Government: The Non-Military Executive Agencies
Laura Gordan-Murnane sizes up a wide range of federal government agency Web sites, from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Veterans Affairs, to see which, if any, are facilitating a straightforward procurement process for companies interested in obtaining government contracts.
Page 56
The Searching Quagmire
In trying to keep searchers out of the muddy goo on the bottom of the Web, Sue Feldman and Elizabeth Liddy outline how search engines choose what to include while clearing up the most common misconceptions about how search engines operate.
Page 66
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
Putting her searching where her clients' wallets are, bq addresses "The High Price of Nothing " and how sometimes you don't get what you pay for.
Page 6
The Better Mousetrap [Full Text]
Acknowledging that Derwent's World Patent Index is the most vital resource to patent info pros, Nancy Lambert critiques how well the WPI can be accessed via Delphion.
Page 10
Behind the Screen
Searching for a lost shaker of salt, er, a missing art gallery while in Key West, Richard Wiggins tries wireless Web searching and ends up with some Google redux.
Page 26
Internet Express [Full Text]
Especially if you live in California, you might want to check out the Web sites Irene McDermott has found to have good deals on alternative energy sources.
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